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Influences of Preoperative Testing and Equipment Costs on LASIK Cost

Preoperative examination of the patient is as much important as the operation itself. The associated cost of preoperative exam is also has a significance on the total cost of LASIK. Depending on the severity of the patient, the time and cost of preoperative exam may vary. Next point of consideration is the equipment. A lot of instruments are used for important tests before and after the LASIK procedure, such as corneal topography, corneal pachymetry, keratometry, tear film analysis and pupil size determination.

Computerized Corneal Topography


Pachymetry is use to measure the thickness of the corneal


Keratometry measures the corneal curvature


Pupil size determination


Most of the tests have a number of alternatives. As a result, the cost of testing also varies. The clinic which is well equipped with the latest techinologies, will definitely try to charge the patient more. Moreover, introduction of latest technology means the employment of higher paid operators. In addition, the maintenance cost of the sophisticated instruments is also high. In determining lasik surgery cost, the clinic always considers all the factors stated above.

Intralase is the latest bladeless flap creation technology use in the vision correction surgery.

This video is showing the iLasik procedures. 

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