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Understanding Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery, or laser assisted in-situ keratomileusis, is a type of surgery available to adults 18 and older who want to improve their vision through corrective procedures. Only certain eye problems can be corrected with Lasik, including nearsightedness and farsightedness, though it is believed to be a safe and relatively easy procedure for those wishing to correct Lasik-approved conditions.

Side Effects of Lasik
The two most common Lasik side effects are itchy eyes and blurry vision. These complaints were usually noted immediately following the surgery, often causing trouble to the patient. Some patients also have long term blurriness and even trouble seeing at night. If these problems are noted the patient should contact the surgery center at once to discuss the best option for handling the problem.

Lasik Surgery Cost
The cost of Lasik surgery must also be considered before taking the plunge to have the surgery performed. Many factors contribute to the laser surgery cost, including the Lasik surgery clinic Singapore that has been chosen. Other factors of Lasik cost include the surgeon that has been chosen, whether one or both eyes require surgery and the techniques that are used to perform the surgery. The average cost of a Lasik surgery is $2,150 per eye.

There is another Option
Epilasik is an alternative to Lasik. It is considered to be safer than the traditional procedure, with a number of benefits that cannot be found with Lasik, including cost, recovery time and the actual procedure itself. It is performed differently than Lasik, taking less time to complete. There are also fewer side effects with Epilasik surgery.

Lasik and Epilasik are two common surgeries that can help restore vision to 20/20 within a short period of time. Choosing to have one of the surgeries could eliminate the hassle and headache that come along with poor vision and eye problems.

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What to Do Before LASIK Surgery

If you are interested in lasik surgery, you need to find out the best LASIK surgeon. Before that you need to check your eyes by your eye doctor and the doctor will decide whether your eyes are healthy enough or not for the procedure.


The doctor will come to a decision what kind of vision correction is needed and how much laser ablation are required. The doctor will also determine any other problems of your eyes like dry eye problem. If you suffer from dry eye problem, the doctor will then treat your eyes before the LASIK operation. The surgeon or the LASIK team will map your cornea with the help of corneal topographer. At present, wavefront technology with custom LASIK is used to get a more precise map of aberrations affecting your vision. Finally, the doctor will try to find out any other health problem which may prohibit or delay the LASIK procedure. If you are fit enough for LASIK, you will be referred to a LASIK surgeon.

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