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The Early Beginnings of Lasik Surgery

People have looked for ways to get rid of eyeglasses for at least the last three centuries. Perhaps because of vanity, the hassle of keeping up with them or restricted activity in sports, inventors have sought after ways to get good vision without them. Patients who want to eliminate the need for glasses are willing to pay Lasik eye surgery costs. Today, those with vision problems have the option of Epi-LASIK technology in vision correction.

Epi-Lasik/Lasek – by Patient Education Concepts

As early as 1889, a young German medical student created a crude contact lens of blown glass to try and solve his own vision problems. In the 1920s an eye doctor by the name of William Bates argued that short shortsightedness could be corrected with a series of eye exercises that he developed. In modern times, LASIK surgery was developed. LASIK surgery is a procedure in which a laser is used to cut a thin flap that allows for the reshaping of the eyeball. This reshaping will correct the patient’s vision by correcting refractive vision errors due to a misshapen eyeball.

LASIK surgery in itself has gone through changes over the years to reduce LASIK side effects and make the procedure safer. The main goal of Epi-LASIK is safety. It reduces the risk of the laser side effects of LASIK.

One risk that LASIK poses for the eye surgery patient is the possibility that the surgeon, whether using a knife or laser, will cut a flap that is too thick. The cornea’s outer layer is cut into a thin sheet that is secured to the eye by a hinge. This cut is made by the fine blade of a laser. With the newer procedure, this same cut is made with a plastic oscillating blade.

Watch the Intralase Bladeless Lasik

With this newer type of Laser surgery, the vision slowly improves over time with highest results achieved in three to six months. This is significantly longer than with other types of Laser surgery. There may also be more discomfort than with traditional laser eye surgery.

The procedure is most useful for those patients with thin corneas. It is also considered to be a safer procedure for those who play sports or are in jobs in which getting hit in the eye could occur. This increases the risk of the flap becoming dislodged. A visit to a LASIK surgery clinic will be necessary to determine if this is the right procedure for each individual patient.

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A Day in the Life of an Aesthetics Doctor

If a person does not find themself aesthetically pleasing, that is “easy on the eye,” there are many options he or she can try at home to enhance their looks. There are cosmetics, hair dye, fake fingernails and false eyelashes, colored contacts, and much more. What happens when these products are just not enough? People have the option of seeking help from an aesthetics doctor, commonly known as a plastic surgeon.

A doctor who practices aesthetics can change someone’s waist size, breast size, the shape of their nose and the age they appear to others. They can alter eyelids, cheekbones, derrieres, they can add hair to the head or remove hair from unwanted places permanently. They have the ability to remove scarring and freckles and anti aging tightening saggy skin. Aesthetics practices make a person appear the way they want to appear to others.

A doctor working in an aesthetics clinic meets with people day in and day out who are not happy with the way they look. The practice of medical aesthetics can change a person’s entire self-image. No doubt, being in a position like this, being able to alter a person’s outward appearance and make them feel beautiful, must put a lot of pressure on the doctor performing the procedures to do so. The job of an aesthetics doctor must also be emotionally taxing. Young girls want to fit in, and older women want to look young again. The client or patient may be aging beautifully or still developing into their body, but it is the aesthetic doctor’s job to give them what they want, necessary or not. After all, if the doctor turns away his patients, claiming they are all beautiful already, he or she would be out of a job.

After doing this for an extended amount of time, it must be hard to go out in public and not search for alterations in people and natural beauty in others. It would be hard not to look at a woman who had obviously had her nose altered and wonder what she looked like before and how the procedure had changed her. Would a position in aesthetics make someone wonder if all people are really fake and just trying to fit in? Sitting in a coffee shop, people-watching would never be the same. A beautiful person would walk by and you’d be left wondering if they had had any work done. Would a person in this profession be able to get by never having work done on themselves? Obviously the clients walking into an aesthetics clinic are concerned with appearances, so they may not trust a doctor who isn’t just as concerned with his or her own appearance.

A lot of people may believe that a person in this field is just shallow. While that may be true for some, for others in the profession, medical aesthetics is an art form that increases the quality of life for some otherwise unfortunate folks.

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Current Popular Cosmetic Brands Making its Name

There are a dizzying array of cosmetic brands that flood the market every year, making it hard to figure out what is good and what is just media hype. Below are some cosmetic brands that have become popular, with a lot of satisfied customers.

Deborah Lippmann is a jazz singer and celebrity manicurist, who has a very popular line of nail polish and nail lacquer products. She has given her nail lacquer products some interesting names like “Sugar Daddy,” “Stormy Weather,” “Baby Love,” “Like a Virgin,” and many other catchy names of popular songs. Deborah Lippmann also offers “Tools of the Trade” a cuticle cutter and double ended cuticle pusher, and has a “Manicure Essentials Kit”. Deborah Lippmann is a very interesting and flamboyant person with a popular line of nail products.

Dr Jart has a huge line of dermatological cosmetics that cover just about everything possible. Dr Jart has a line of skin cleansers, scrubs and peels. They offer skin toners and eye and lip care products. One of their very popular products is the BB (Beauty Balm) Creams. They have the “Nourishing Beauty Balm Plus” and the “Rejuvenating Body Balm Plus,” that gets rave reviews from many of their customers. DR Jart products are very popular and get high marks from their customers.

Korres Skin Care Products are manufactured in Greece and are very popular in the United States, with huge sales coming from the HSN (Home Shopping Network) and many international locations. Korres has many skin care products that get rave reviews for their natural formulations, with great results. The “wild Rose Moisturizer” and “Quercetin & Qak” night cream are two of their best selling skin care products.

Mario Badescu is another company that offers a huge variety of skin care products. They offer acne treatment products, skin moisturizers and exfoliants. Mario Badescu has eye creams, hair creams and hand creams. They have treatments for rosacea and aging skin. Mario Badescu is a well respected name in the skin care industry.

Sleek Makeup is a well know and popular brand that has products for the face, eyes and lips. For the face they offer bases, blushers, bronzes, concealers and more. For the eyes they have liners, mascara, shadows, brow pencils, compact mirrors and brow kits. Sleek Makeup also offers lip gloss, lip liner, and lip pencils. They have “True Colour Lipstick” and “Pout Paint.”. Sleek Makeup’s i-Devines is their super cool and super popular 12-piece 12-shade set of super-pigmented eye shadow.

StriVectin is known for their anti-aging serums and skin care products. StriVectin has released a new Tightening Eye serum and a Tightening Body Cream that is selling well, with a lot of positive customer feedback. StriVection has products for dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, and products to help minimize stretch marks.

Luzern is known for its organic skin care products and sells the Bion line of acne inhibiting gel. Luzern offers eye contour creams and collagen booster products . Luzern also offers dry, damaged skin rejuvenators. They are known for their ongoing massive research of products dealing with skin care and maintenance.

Best Face Serums: Luzern Laboratories

The best way to find a great product with the capabilities you desire is to research what is out there and read customer reviews, so you can make an informed choice, and get the product you want and need.

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The Costs And Effects Of Lasik Surgery

A Brief Introduction To Lasik Surgery
LASIK eye surgery is a common refractive surgery used to improve poor vision. The most common eye problems that can be treated with laser surgery include hyperopia, astigmatism and myopia. Lasik surgery is often used so that the patient may no longer require glasses or contact lenses to see. An ophthalmologist is a specialized eye doctor that performs laser eye surgeries. Lasers will be used to alter the structure of the cornea. The cornea is a layer of tissue that covers the surface of the eyeball. This tissue is transparent and fragile. It is often the cause of many eye conditions. This is why modern medical procedures have been evolving and discovering new ways to treat the cornea. Lasik surgery is often the best way to enhance vision among patients suffering from the above mentioned eye conditions.



The Side Effects
Lasik eye surgery may be the best choice when dealing with a major eye condition, but the surgery does not occur without a few risks. Some Lasik side effects include a permanent glare and trouble seeing in the dark. Most healthy eyes are able to adjust to the dark to some degree. One potential Lasik side effect will cause the eyes to remain adjusted to bright light so that darkness becomes blinding. Other side effects include a fluctuation of clear and foggy vision. This is an odd side effect that can be extremely frustrating to live with. Some of the minor side effects include dry eyes and halos. Seeing halos around certain images is not the same as the glare effect. These halos are much less intrusive on your vision. It is important to consider all of these side effects before deciding to treat your condition with laser surgery.


Lasik Eye Surgery Costs
You should get a full understanding of how much a Lasik procedure will cost before visiting an eye clinic in Singapore. The average cost in the United States is over four thousand dollars. This is if both eyes require surgery. One eye would costs just over two thousand dollars. These costs can increase or decrease depending on which technologies are used. Medications are often prescribed after the surgery. This can increase the costs greatly. Laser surgery is not always the best solution for an eye condition. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about laser surgery. Consider the financial and medical repercussions before making a decision.


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Preventative Measures to Ensure Good Eye Health

When it comes to good health, there are certain precautions people should take to protect their eyes. Harmful situations can arise in the workplace as well as in areas of personal activities.

Taking Precautions in the Workplace

Many people today work with computers which have bright screens. When eyes are focused on this bright display for several hours at a time it can result in visual impairment. In addition to experiencing sore eyes, people can also end up with myopia or nearsightedness. The way to counter the effects of a computer screen is to reduce the brightness level on the display. If this is not an option, tinted glasses can also be worn to reduce the amount of visible light.

Working in conditions where there is bright light directed on the eyes can also create eye strain. This could manifest as a red eye, which could also indicate the rupture of a blood vessel. In most cases, a ruptured blood vessel will not be painful and will clear up on its own within a few days, so it is not necessary to visit an eye doctor.

Another good practice for use in the workplace is to take the focus off the computer screen or away from the papers and look at something off in the distance. Ideally, this should be something viewed through a window, but any far object will work. This helps strengthen the eye muscles so they are less likely to be strained.

Precautions with Leisure Activities

Most people are now aware of the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, so they wear protective sunglasses with UV protection. While this is a useful precaution, many people forget to protect their eyes when engaged in outdoor activities. People who swim, ski or participate in sports should also wear protective glasses. There are a number of glasses made with lenses that have UV protection and are impact resistant.

Swim goggles can protect eyes from the harsh chlorine found in public pools or the bacteria found in natural lakes. Swim goggles are available in sizes to fit children and adults so they can protect their eyes from possible damage.

Impact resistant lenses are available in sporty styles for use by people who play baseball, ride motorcycles or ski. It is important to protect eyes when engaged in fast paced activities to avoid a possible retinal tear due to flying debris.

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Apply Eye Drops – The Best Method for Putting Eye Drops

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Tips on Relieving a Sprained Ankle at Home

Nobody wants to throw their hard-earned money at a doctor if it is not necessary. While a sprained ankle is painful, it can usually be rehabbed at home. However, there are circumstances that would necessitate a visit to an orthopaedic clinic.

There are three levels of ankle sprains. A level one sprain is a mild tear of the ankle ligaments, a level two is more severe, and a level three sprain is a complete tear or rupture of the ankle ligaments. A level one sprain may be treated at home. If a popping sound is heard at the time of the injury, the person should visit with a bone doctor, or orthopaedic surgeon, to have the ankle inspected.

On average, it takes six weeks to heal a sprained ankle. For the first three days it is important to ice the ankle for twenty minutes at a time. For the first two days, as much time as possible should be spent with the ankle raised above the heart. This helps to keep the swelling down by draining fluids from the affected area.
An Ace bandage should be wrapped around the ankle. This should be done by starting at the toes, and wrapping the bandage upward to the knees. Many people believe that crutches are only for people with broken bones. However, anybody with a sprain should use crutches as often as possible in order to keep pressure off of the ankle. Air stirrups, ankle braces, and hiking boots may also be utilized in an effort to protect the damaged ligaments.

Rehabilitation is vital to recovery from an ankle sprain. This is because scar tissue develops around the ligaments as soon as they start to heal. If the ankle remains immobile during this process, the scar tissue will grow in a stiff, random manner. This will cause flexibility problems and leave the ankle susceptible to further sprains. It is necessary for the ankle to be limber during rehab, so that the scar tissue will grow in a natural manner around the ligaments. Two of the best methods of rehab are the following: With the leg extended, the person should draw their toes toward them in a slow manner. The other method is to trace the alphabet on the floor. This reintroduces a wide variety of movement, and should be done by moving the entire ankle. If no improvement is seen after two weeks, a visit to an orthopaedic clinic may be necessary.

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Educational video describing the anatomy and painful conditions associated with the ankle.

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How Cataract Treatment Can Improve Your Life

If you are looking for an effective way to treat cataracts your only choice at the moment is surgery. About a million and a half people have this procedure done each year in the USA. This procedure has a 95% success rate. The cataract surgery cost will be about $3,000. Any time you have a surgical procedure done you are taking a risk, but the vast majority of cataract surgery results in improvements in vision and a higher quality of life.

Research has shown that our eye functions similar to the way a camera works. Over time the lens starts to become cloudy and less effective. This stops the necessary amount of light from coming into our eyes to see clearly. As your eyes become more and more blurred it can take a significant toll on your vision. If you are experiencing these symptoms you probably have a cataract. A cataract is a cloudy area on the lens of your eye that impairs your vision. You’ll find there’s a host of reasons that cause someone to develop cataracts. Some of them are medications, diabetes and exposure to UV light. The most common reason for getting this illness is old age though. This problem takes hold of you slowly. Over time you start to notice your vision gradually getting worse.

How badly your vision is effected varies from person to person. It can be only slightly noticeable or make you completely blind. In the early stages of this problem you can use contacts and eyeglasses to help you see better. As more time passes you will need to get a more effective cataract treatment.

If you feel like you want to explore the treatment options available contact your local eye center. There you will get a complete eye exam that will get you started towards taking care of your eyes properly. In the beginning of the test one of the eye centers staff members will find out about your medical history. After that you will let them know about any symptoms that you noticed. It’s only then that the actual eye test will begin. They will conduct an extensive examination of your eyes along with checking your refraction. These tests will help your doctor determine if you need further tests or treatment.

After your eye test is complete your doctor will tell you about what he found and answer any questions you might have. At this point you will review the options available for treatment with one of the staff members. There are many treatments you might discuss like a laser cataract surgery, lens implant or other types of cataract operations.

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How cataract surgery is carried out

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