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Living With Myopia: Getting Your First Pair of Glasses or Lasik

Trying on the first pair of glasses after being prescribed corrective lenses to treat near-sightedness, astigmatism, and far-sightedness can be fun for some people. There are so many selections to choose from; frame shapes, fashion brands, and lens colors. However, that feeling of fun does not always last for many patients. Many lens wearers feel burdened and limited by them.

Myopia (near-sightedness) is when the eyes are not able to focus on distant objects due to defects of the cornea, and is one of the most common reasons patients seek corrective lenses and other corrective options. The degree of limited focus varies from person to person, and according to this myopia guide, the situation can worsen with age. Eye strain and headaches are common symptoms of being near-sighted that can be confirmed by a basic eye exam.


The person who feels like they are limited in their lifestyle by having to wear prescription lens has the option of undergoing laser eye surgery. This minimally invasive and pain-free procedure reshapes the cornea, allowing the eyes to focus properly without the aid of corrective lenses. To find out who qualifies for this treatment visit to schedule a consultation with a qualified eye professional.

Laser eye surgery has been successful in treating myopic patients for many years. The process takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes per eye, with stabilization of vision within three months. Patients will be able to see immediately after the procedure, but slight fluctuations in vision should be expected. Approximately three to four follow-up visits are required to determine if an accurate correction was achieved by the surgery. If further correction is needed, the eye care professional can determine and schedule an enhancement procedure during follow-up visits.

LASIK Surgery and its Risks

Patients are satisfied with laser eye surgery because many find complete freedom from having to wear their prescription glasses, and can pick out fashionable frames for fun, instead of necessity. There are possible side-effects such as, dry eye that can be treated with special eye drops. The standard follow-up visits will check for and monitor any side-effects or complications.

Night Glare is one of the side effect of lasik surgery

Night Glare is one of the side effect of lasik surgery


There is freedom from prescription glasses with corrective treatments. Interested patients can consult qualified eye correction professionals about their best treatment options at:

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