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Helpful Tips on Lossing Weight with the Best Yoga Asanas


The search for the best yoga asanas for weight loss has in the last few years increased. This art has developed from the traditional poses which involved sitting in a still yet firm position for hours on end.


The basic practices still remain the same and they include starting out on an empty stomach and controlling your breathing. The body should be moved to position slowly to avoid straining a muscle. One should also not exert force on the body while practicing these poses.


These poses include tadasana which is putting your feet together, pushing your pelvic bone forward and raising your hands up in a tree like pose. Uttanasa involves that one bends forward, it focuses on the hamstring to burn calories in the body. In the uttanasa you should focus on making a upside down v shape with your body.


The triangle pose involves one hand on the ground supporting the rest of your body in a straight line facing forwards. Once you are comfortable in that position lift your other hand to the skies. Repeat the same position with the other hand supporting your weight.


Bhujangasana helps build muscle mass on your shoulders and arms as well as thighs. Lie flat on your tummy and with the top of your feet facing the floor, slowly lift your head, shoulders and chest up in cobra-like stance. Hold this position for a couple of breaths.


Sethu bandhasa requires you on your back with your feet folded and nearly touching your rear. Slowly raise your pelvic bone to the sky and position your hands under your back. Hold this position for a couple of breaths with your back fully arched bridge-like.


One of the easiest poses to hold is virabhdrasana. This is where on holds a warrior stance with both arms outstretched facing towards one direction and one knee bent in a ninety degree angle and the other parallel to the ground. Change positions to face the other side.


The best yoga asanas for weight loss help you focus on how you feel. You should also concentrate on the muscles that are been challenged and take care not to exert yourself to the point of pain. These poses can be practiced at any age, for more information contact a physiotherapist, or visit London Weight Management Malaysia



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