Answers to All Your Questions about Facial Laser Treatments


One of the most effective ways to deal with the problems of ageing, wrinkles and uneven skin tone is with a laser procedure. The devices used in clinics today allow professionals to quickly and almost painlessly perform non-invasive procedures to improve your skin. Here are answers to all your questions about facial treatments using lasers.

1844151_origIssues a Laser Can Help With

A laser can actually help you with a broad range of skin and face issues. One of the primary uses of the laser is to even out your complexion and remove areas where there are pigmentation problems. The laser can help to reduce the appearance of scars. It is able to tighten your skin so that there are fewer wrinkles and fine lines. The laser can also improve the appearance of your pores, make your skin less oily and even out areas with undesirable textures.
Acne scars are a troublesome reminder of acne. Laser skin resurfacing is an effective treatment against this disease known as pimples.

How the Laser Is Really Affecting Your Skin

A modern system like the Revlite laser uses light to penetrate your skin without incisions or surgery. The light is actually attuned to a wavelength that allows it to interact with the cells beneath your skin and not the ones on the surface. The laser does not remove your top layers of skin. The laser heats up specific cells under the skin. That heat triggers your body to start making collagen. Additionally, if the laser energy passes through areas with excessive pigmentation, then the cells holding the pigment are broken up leading to a more even complexion.

facial laser with laserPossible Treatment Risks

The treatment risks of using a laser are minimal with modern technology. This type of laser is non-ablative so that it does not directly impact the surface of your skin. There is no chance of burning. Some people might experience unwanted lightening or darkening of the skin after the treatment although this is temporary most of the time and will go away. Modern laser procedures are incredibly safe.

laserfacial_skintighteningWhat Recovery Is Like After a Treatment

You can go back to your normal routine almost immediately after the treatment is over. You might have some redness and a little swelling as your skin adjusts. You might have some slight sensitivity. This is because your body is removing old cells and creating new collagen. Any redness or other symptoms are usually very minor. They will go away about a week or two after the treatment.

IPL-SGLength of Time the Results Last

A laser treatment will generally last for around six months to a year. The length depends on how much exposure you have to the sun, your body and the nature of your skin. The treatment will continue to work for most of that time as your body keeps producing new collagen and skin cells. You can get another treatment after six months if needed to rejuvenate your skin.

Getting a treatment with a laser is very easy. Most sessions last less than an hour with no downtime afterwards. A laser is a far better option than surgical or pharmaceutical solutions. Lasers are a safe and simple way to take care of skin problems that might have been bothering you for a long time.