Bumps after Hair Removal: Tips to Care for Your Skin


Hair growth is normally genetic and the hair can grow anywhere on the body relentlessly of where a person may not want them to grow. Permanent hair removal of hair on body parts that you wish to maintain hairless can be quite time consuming and a person may experience some pain. The normal shaving of hair, using razors or creams are way much faster and comfortable to use. Nevertheless, they do not offer a permanent solution, and hair will be growing again in 3 or 4 days.

Permanent hair removal will not only leave you hairless, but will also at times come with redness, ingrown hair, breakouts, bumps and more. This should not hinder your quest for a hairless body part. Getting informed on ways that you can prevent such problems will give you an upper hand in staying hair-free.

1. Exfoliate before shaving

Before you remove unwanted hair, it is always a good deal to scrap off dead skin cells for various reasons. It aids in removing oil and dirt that would otherwise make their way into the skin surface once you are through with waxing. The skin is normally in a state that it is more vulnerable and dirt or oil can make it become irritated. Exfoliating in a lighter manner also makes the hair to point up in order to be grabbed and removed with ease.

2. Apply some heat

Supposing you are not exfoliating, you can take a warm shower or else dip a soft washcloth in warm water, squeeze the water out and wipe the part you want to shave. The warmth helps to open the pores on the skin and soften it. This allows hair to come out in an easier manner. This reduces the pain to be experienced as well as the irritation brought about by waxing.

3. Fight the bump

Visit your health practitioner and ask for referrals on good skin products that you can use to eliminate the bump.

4. Try another therapist

It is very likely that you may be having bumps and experiencing pain and itchiness because your therapist is using products that are not in line with your skin or hair type. Getting a larger spa or salon will offer you a wide variety that will probably suit your skin.

Benefits of visiting an Aesthetician

Medical facials is one of the treatments that is highly regarded by beauty gurus. The following facts should convince you to visit an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia.
• Unique from spa facials

An aesthetic doctor in Malaysia will first analyze the type of your skin and come up with some customized treatment as per your skin.

• Applies to all skin types and ages

You will be evaluated to determine the kind of products that suit you, your age and skin type will be put into consideration.

• Comprise of several treatments

Upon evaluation, the aesthetician will come up with a skin care treatment aimed at addressing your specific problem. He or she will choose among extractions, chemical peels, laser, and skin regeneration facials among many others.