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6 Facial Skin Care Products That Every 40-Year-Old Woman Should Have To Maintain Glowing Skin

woman-with-smooth-glowing-skinA lot of women are concerned about what their facial skin would look like once they hit the dreaded age of 40. This is a valid concern since the capability of the skin to rehydrate and reinvigorate itself slows down with advancing age. The skin would be more susceptible to wrinkles, acnes, and dark spots. With that said, women who are reaching the age of 40 need to find ways on how to maintain the glow on their skin. Fortunately enough, there are many well-proven ways on how to do this. That includes regularly using the following facial skin care products:


  1. health-article-blog-2-ingredient-diy-exfoliators-660x400Exfoliators – Dirt, dust, oil, and other particles can accumulate on the skin and cause a lot of trouble. If these aren’t removed, they can clog the pores of the skin and lead to problems like pimples. The best way to get rid of these particles is to use an exfoliator. Exfoliators are very efficient in unclogging the pores. Not only that, they also help in speeding up the production of new skin cells to replace the dead ones.



  1. Cleansers – Women are advised to use cleansers before they go to sleep at night. This is especially true for women who often wear a lot of make-up during the day. The best way to use a cleanser is to wash the face with warm water first before applying the cleanser. Gently massage the cleanser onto the face then rinse it away with lukewarm water.


  1. 14712856574_2583e01684_oEye creams – One of the most visible signs of aging is the formation of wrinkles on the skin surrounding the eyes. Just a few wrinkles and furrows can make someone look much older than her actual age. The good news is that there are certain products like eye creams that can help in keeping these wrinkles at bay. For maximum results, it’s best to use an organic anti-aging eye cream since it doesn’t have any man-made ingredients that might harm the eyes.



  1. Moisturizers – As one gets older, it also becomes easier for the skin to get dry. That said, people who are reaching 40 need to use moisturizers to prevent the skin from drying out too easily.


  1. Serums – Serums are fluids that are highly concentrated which means they penetrate deeper into the skin. This also means that they have longer-lasting effects. Serums are often used to deal with wrinkles, acnes, and for brightening the face.


  1. downloadMasks – Women who don’t have the time to regularly visit a facial salon can use facial masks as an alternative. Applying the mask can take just a few minutes. Furthermore, masks don’t just cleanse the skin, they also exfoliate, hydrate, and tone it. When rinsed out, the user will get a softer and smoother skin.





Facial skin problems like wrinkles and dark spots are parts of getting old. However, this doesn’t mean that women have to suffer through them when there are certain ways on how to alleviate the problems. This is where facial skin products like the ones mentioned above come into the picture. Women must use these essential products if they want to maintain the young and healthy glow on their skin. These products don’t stop aging but they are very effective in slowing down the physical effects of it. They are instrumental in preventing the formation of wrinkles, furrows, and dark spots.

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Korean Skincare Trends and Beauty



Ask beauty experts in Korea and they will tell you how Korean beauties are so obsessed with the good being and the glow of their skin. Korean skincare is targeted in enhancing natural beauty rather than covering imperfections. Something unique about Korean skincare is that most formulations are primarily made of natural ingredients. Most women prefer shopping for skincare products with natural formulas. They prefer using gentle products, which will give them effective results. Most of the skincare products are designed in their own unique and distinct ways.

When people get old, they have a desire to keep their skin healthy and youthful just to give them the memories of their early twenties. Korean women have devised innovations that have existed for centuries on how to formulate incredible skin care products that will keep your skin glowing, smooth and youthful. These products are highly innovative and more so don’t cost a fortune. So what’s just the secret behind Korean skincare? It is very common to find Korean women spending a half an hour or so behind the mirror with a dozen of creams and other products every morning or evening. Korean women have a unique daily routine that they do strictly follow to enhance the appearance of their skin. Below are key procedures they follow.

• Double cleansing 

They use an oil based cleanser to remove makeup, sebum and built dirt. Since water and oil are immiscible, water-based cleaners do not remove oil residues from your skin. Products like Banila Co. Clean it zero do clean entirely.

• Exfoliating and pore targeting 

Korean women have fine pore and fine textured skin; they, therefore, utilize products that minimize pores and allow serums and moisturizers to settle into the skin better. They prefer natural ingredients to harsh acids. Some of the most preferred products include Miniport blurring Tightener and Missha Supper Aqua D-Tox pulling Gel.

• They target different parts of their faces with right products 

They utilize mask sheets to apply different products selectively. For example, they avoid using thick moisturizers to oily areas, but instead focus on reducing the oiliness. Some of the most common masks they use include wonder pore black mask sheet and wonder pore modelling ultra-clear.

Skincare products shopping

Choice of products is essential; this is particularly important in protecting the skin. Different people have different skin types, and pigmentation hence has different skin needs. It is very confusing at times to make the right choice of product that will give desirable results. The Korean beauty market provides diversified products and more so on both one stop shopping and online platform.

There are various beauty stores where Koreans and other East Asian beauties do their skincare shopping. Biotherm Skincare Company, for example, provides incredible skincare products for all skin types. Also, Hada Labo skin care products are widely used in the Asian market for skincare solutions. For online shopping, Kose in Singapore provides incredible opportunities for skincare solutions for its customers in Korea and South East Asia, inclusive of free shipping services for orders made.


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Treating Oily Skin Caused by Heat and Humidity

When the weather gets warmer, the increased heat and humidity can wreak havoc on the skin. This can cause your nose, forehead and chin to feel like an oil slick, and it can feel impossible to completely cleanse the skin. That’s because the sebaceous glands in the skin increase oil production when it’s hot and humid.

The sebum produced by the sebaceous glands helps protect your skin from drying out in the hot summer months, but it sure isn’t pretty. Keep reading to find out how to keep your sebaceous glands under control and help your skin feel fresh even when the air around you feels like a steam room.


Keep it clean

Facial cleansers that contain glycolic acids or salicylic acid can break through the layer of grease on the surface of your skin. They bust the dead skin cells and dissolve oils deep in the pores. Use a facial cleanser twice daily to keep oil at bay. If you’re spending your days at the beach, make sure to protect your skin because the acids in these cleansers can make it more likely to burn.



Soak it in

Do you feel like you can wash your face all day long in the summer but the shine keeps coming back? Mattifying products contain talc and silicone polymers that sop up the oil before it has a chance to spoil your complexion. Apply a mattifying lotion under your makeup or use cosmetics with oil-absorbing properties to control the glow.

Although you may be tempted to soak up excess oil with blotting paper or tissues, this can be more damaging than it is effective. Sure, it will absorb grease from the surface of the skin. But, blotting can push dirt and residue further into the pores, leading to more oil and acne problems down the road.



Use powder sunscreen

Powder-based sunscreen has SPF as well as oil-absorbing particles. Using powder instead of lotion will help stop oil before it starts. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties in zinc, a common ingredient in powdered sunscreen, can help soothe pimples.



Tone up

Although toner may have been more popular in the 90s than it is today, it can be beneficial in keeping skin fresh and balanced, especially when the humidity is high. Using toners for oily skin after washing the face can remove excess dirt and oil that the cleanser may have missed. Toner can help unblock pores that become clogged from the excess oil sitting on the surface of the skin.


Skin care products in Singapore and other eternally humid areas help women keep their skin fresh, clean and free of oil. Whether you fight to combat the shine only in the summer months or live in the tropics, following an appropriate skin care regimen can prevent you from dealing with the gleam that comes with that glorious weather.



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Makeup for Beginners: The 8 Types of Makeup Brushes You Should Know

There are many types of makeup brushes, and they vary by shape, size, use and quality. It can be challenging to decide which brushes to purchase when presented with an endless array of options. Armed with a little knowledge and the right brushes, you can create any number of fantastic makeup looks.

1. The Brow Brush

To achieve the perfect brow, an angled brow brush is a must. This small brush helps to fill in sparse brows and define thick ones.

2. The Powder Brush

The powder brush is a makeup kit essential. This brush is large with a rounded tip, and is used to apply powder foundation, powder blush and setting powder.

3. The Lip Brush

The lip brush is one of the tiniest brushes. It makes lipstick application more precise and accurate, and it is especially effective when used to apply dark lip colors.

4. The Eye Blending Brush

The blending brush helps to create perfectly blended eyeshadow looks. This brush is soft, medium sized and slightly angled, and it is used on the crease of the eyelid. It can be used for everything from smoky eye looks to everyday, natural eye makeup.

5. The Angled Eye Brush

This eye brush is angled and small, and is often used to apply liquid eyeliner. It gives a precise line, and is excellent for creating a classic cat eye look.

6. The Kabuki Brush

The kabuki brush is short and fluffy, with round bristles. It is used to buff powder into the skin, which gives the skin a smooth texture and decreases the appearance of pores.

7. The Eyeshadow Brush

This classic brush is medium sized with a rounded tip. It is used to apply eyeshadow of any variety, from powder shadow to cream formulations.

8. The Concealer Brush

The concealer brush has firm bristles and a tapered edge. This sturdy brush helps to cover blemishes, under eye circles and other imperfections.

A professional makeup brush kit will include all of these brushes, as they are essential to creating a wide variety of makeup looks. For makeup beginners, however, the powder brush, the concealer brush, and the classic eye shadow brush may be the most important makeup brushes.

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