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3 Top-Notch Tips for Natural Hair Loss Reduction


Having great looking hair is one of the most attractive things. Other than aesthetics, beautiful hair says a lot about your health. Hair loss affects both women and men. Some reasons contribute to hair loss between both sexes like nutritional deficiencies, smoking, aging, environmental factors, medical conditions, and hormonal imbalances. Hair experts estimate that we naturally lose from 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day. However, when you start losing more hair than normal, it is time to take precautions to reduce hair loss. These are the natural ways of how to reduce hair loss.

How do You Reduce Hair Loss?

Before you start going bald and have bald spots, you should take action to prevent further hair loss. Natural remedies exist which you would have to use in your quest to halt your loss of hair.


1. Castor Oil

You can use Castor oil for hair loss reduction. Castor oil contains natural properties which are antibacterial and anti-fungal, is high in minerals, proteins, plus omega three and nine fatty acids. It is also high in vitamin E. Its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties make it an antidote for dandruff, folliculitis and scalp infections. It has ricinoleic acid, which helps balance the scalp’s pH. It also helps replenish the oils and helps undo the damage from chemicals deposited by hair products. Castor oil has antioxidants, which support keratin in the hair thus making it robust and smooth to touch.

Employing Castor oil for hair use will ensure thicker hair. Omega three and nine fatty acids encourage new growth and promote thickening of new strands thus leaving you with a beautifully lush, thick hair.


2. Diet Rich in Vitamins

Vitamins are arguably the best food for hair. It is essential to have a diet rich in Biotin, Niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin C. A diet having these vitamins in abundance can prevent much hair loss among women and men. Often, both sexes observe a marked change, 3-4 months after starting vitamins for hair diet. Eat foods rich in vitamins such as sweet potatoes which have Vitamins A, B, C, K and E. Eggs contain biotin and other B vitamins. Spinach is rich in vitamins A and C and nuts have vitamin E. In some cases; you may not have adequate foods that will give you the significant amounts of vitamins, thus you may be forced to get vitamin supplements.


3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has enzymes, which promote the growth of hair. Most hair products are acidic. Aloe Vera has alkalizing properties, which balance the pH level of the scalp thus improving hair growth. It also reduces scalp inflammation, reddening of the scalp, strengthens hair and alleviates dandruff.

Natural products are the best way to curb hair loss since they agree with your hair with no side effects. Bald spots, thinning and brittle hair will be outdated in no time.


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Male Pattern Baldness


16-112813-why_men_go_baldMany men are prone to suffering from hair loss due to hereditary factors and age. The hair follicles tend to get smaller over time, which can cause the hair to appear thinner or stop growing. Fortunately, there are various treatments that are available due to scientific advancements that help to restore the follicles that are present on the top and the back of the head.


There are a variety of different shampoos that are available for those who suffer from hair loss. Many of the shampoos contain Minoxidil, which is a common ingredient in Rogain and is proven to combat alopecia. This helps to slow hair loss and promotes new hair growth when it’s massaged into the scalp each day. Two-thirds of men experience proven results with the use of hair-loss shampoos.


Propecia is one of the most prescribed medications for hair loss for men and works by increasing the time that the follicle continues to grow while shortening the rest time. One milligram of Propecia is taken daily and it helps to prevent the testosterone from forming DHT for a medication that can be used long-term. It can also be used in conjunction with hair replacement surgery for the best results. This drug is FDA-approved and is considered to be safe to use for several years.

Hair-Transplant-Procedure1Hair Replacement Surgery

Many people often choose to have hair replacement surgery when other hair loss treatment options have not proven to be successful. The surgery offers immediate results by transplanting hair follicles from other areas on the body. Four hairs are planted close together for results that are more natural, which can benefit those who suffer from spot baldness where only certain areas on the head are affected.

Scalp reduction is another consideration by cutting out the areas on the scalp that have experienced balding. This helps to reduce the amount of area that is balding. This is ideal for both men and women who have experienced hair loss for several years with stabilized results that have slowed down. This also allows the individual to have a more neutral hairline that does not recede.

Hair transplant surgeries have advanced in the last decade and allow the individual to have natural results that do not appear doll-like or artificial.

cf928d0dd40e3503f6ebfbb0a0bd6488Hair Cloning

Hair cloning is just beginning to emerge and is becoming more available to those who suffer from male pattern baldness. The duplication process involves taking follicular stem cells and placing them in follicle-inducing implants. Sonic hedgehog is another option that will be more available in the future, which works to convert resting hair into hair that begins to grow again. This method directly controls the follicle size and growth to ensure that the hair regrows at a steady rate and is restored.

Laser combs are FDA-approved and allows adults to receive treatment without drugs or surgery. This stimulates the hair follicles with a low-level laser for increased hair volume that develops over time.


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Bumps after Hair Removal: Tips to Care for Your Skin


Hair growth is normally genetic and the hair can grow anywhere on the body relentlessly of where a person may not want them to grow. Permanent hair removal of hair on body parts that you wish to maintain hairless can be quite time consuming and a person may experience some pain. The normal shaving of hair, using razors or creams are way much faster and comfortable to use. Nevertheless, they do not offer a permanent solution, and hair will be growing again in 3 or 4 days.

Permanent hair removal will not only leave you hairless, but will also at times come with redness, ingrown hair, breakouts, bumps and more. This should not hinder your quest for a hairless body part. Getting informed on ways that you can prevent such problems will give you an upper hand in staying hair-free.

1. Exfoliate before shaving

Before you remove unwanted hair, it is always a good deal to scrap off dead skin cells for various reasons. It aids in removing oil and dirt that would otherwise make their way into the skin surface once you are through with waxing. The skin is normally in a state that it is more vulnerable and dirt or oil can make it become irritated. Exfoliating in a lighter manner also makes the hair to point up in order to be grabbed and removed with ease.

2. Apply some heat

Supposing you are not exfoliating, you can take a warm shower or else dip a soft washcloth in warm water, squeeze the water out and wipe the part you want to shave. The warmth helps to open the pores on the skin and soften it. This allows hair to come out in an easier manner. This reduces the pain to be experienced as well as the irritation brought about by waxing.

3. Fight the bump

Visit your health practitioner and ask for referrals on good skin products that you can use to eliminate the bump.

4. Try another therapist

It is very likely that you may be having bumps and experiencing pain and itchiness because your therapist is using products that are not in line with your skin or hair type. Getting a larger spa or salon will offer you a wide variety that will probably suit your skin.

Benefits of visiting an Aesthetician

Medical facials is one of the treatments that is highly regarded by beauty gurus. The following facts should convince you to visit an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia.
• Unique from spa facials

An aesthetic doctor in Malaysia will first analyze the type of your skin and come up with some customized treatment as per your skin.

• Applies to all skin types and ages

You will be evaluated to determine the kind of products that suit you, your age and skin type will be put into consideration.

• Comprise of several treatments

Upon evaluation, the aesthetician will come up with a skin care treatment aimed at addressing your specific problem. He or she will choose among extractions, chemical peels, laser, and skin regeneration facials among many others.

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Biofibre Hair Implants Could Be The Answer to Your Hair Loss


Hair implants were developed as a result of in depth medical and scientific research. The implantation process is categorised as a minor surgical procedure, which utilises artificial hair that doesn’t cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Hair implants have been determined to be completely safe. Hair implantation is a procedure that allows individuals to regain their confidence as they both look and feel completely natural, and they blend in well to give one the thick head of hair that is by all means aesthetically pleasing. Hair implants may have been developed for use in instances when a hair transplant was not suitable, such as when there is no suitable donor. In addition, many patients do not like the idea of having donated hair, and in such cases, the use of artificial hair implants is a welcome alternative.


Biofibre Hair

Biofibre hair implant procedure is recommended for both men and women. They are safe for individuals of all ages and can be done at any time. The biofibre hair implant process is categorised as a light, aesthetic, surgical procedure, which has been proven safe and effective. Through it, one can go back to having a full head of natural hair and regain their youthful look whether they are male or female. The raw materials that are used in the production of biofibre are completely harmless. Biofibre hairs are also approved by the CE and FDA for medical use; these are the bodies that approve medical equipment, medical drugs, etc. Nevertheless, a biofibre tolerance test is performed on the patient by a qualified doctor experienced in the implant procedure and familiar with the special implant instruments necessary to carry out the procedure correctly to bring about positive, long-lasting results.


With this procedure, you can have a full head of hair in a few hours through a simple, quick, reversible and painless outpatient procedure. Moreover, the procedure allows the patient to lead an active, sporty lifestyle quite soon after the implant process. It also allows for progressive and gradual hair thickening, which is economically affordable. Having this type of hair does not require burdensome care to maintain its quality and appearance. Many surgical procedures are irreversible, but biofibre hair implants are different as they can be removed at the roots when desired. What’s more? This implant procedure can be performed alone or in combination with other surgical or medical treatments safely.


Disadvantages Of The Biofibre Implant Procedure

After the initial procedure, some small reimplants may be necessary to ensure you have a perfect and full head of hair. In addition, the scalp needs to be kept extremely clean at all times to ensure the quality and appearance of your hair. Although the procedure is quick and proven safe, it is not recommended for patients who prove to be sensitive during the preimplant test or those who suffer from scalp problems or diseases.

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The Link Between Thyroid and Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is a very anxiety-provoking condition because hair is a symbol of youth, vitality and beauty. Hair loss can occur anywhere on the head, but it usually starts thinning at the crown or part. Losing massive amounts of hair can be a direct result of a health problem. Numerous factors can contribute to hair loss such as: stress, scalp disorders, alopecia, trauma, pregnancy, malnutrition (read about The Link Between Hair Loss and Your Diet), genetic problems and hidden health problems. Hair can also fall out if it is worn in very tight hairstyles like ballerina buns and tall ponytails. Since there are so many causes of hair loss, it’s best to visit a specialist skin clinic or your local dermatologist in Singapore.

Visiting a dermatologist is the best way to discover what the actual cause of your hair loss is. There are several tests that can be done to determine the root cause of the hair loss. Blood tests can also be done to determine whether a thyroid disorder is causing the hair loss.

Thyroid disorder is an extremely common cause of hair loss. Hair loss that is caused by a thyroid-related disease occurs because of unstable hormone levels. Luckily, the hair loss can be reversed once hormone levels become stabilized. Doctors usually prescribe oral medications to stabilize hormones.

Symptoms of Thyroid Disease 
Pain: People with thyroid disease experience aches in their muscles, discomfort in their joints or pain in their limbs.


Neck enlargement: If you notice your neck looks swollen, it might be thyroid disease. People with a faulty thyroid also experience hoarseness in their voice.


Skin and hair changes: If your once radiant skin turns dry and flaky, it might be thyroid disease. Skin can become very thick, dry and scaly. Hair, as you probably already know, becomes thinner and starts to fall out. However, total baldness is unlikely. In addition, hair can become very dry and brittle as well.


Changes in weight: If you notice unexplained weight gain or loss, then it might be because of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. People with hypothyroidism gain weight even if they don’t change their diet whereas people with hyperthyroidism lose a lot of weight.

Bowel problems: People with thyroid disorders experience changes in their bowels. If you have hypothyroidism, then you will experience constipation. If diarrhea is the problem, then hyperthyroidism might be the cause.

Fatigue: If you feel extremely tired or weak, then you could have thyroid disorder. People with thyroid problems always feel very tired even if they sleep for hours.


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Natural Treatments for Your Hair and Scalp

Both men and women can have thinning and balding hair early in life. There are many natural ingredients you can try to help stop the hair thinning and loss. Hair loss treatments can be very simple with products you may already have in your home. Green tea will prevent hair loss and even help your hair grow. Try using two bags of tea in one cup of water and then rub it into your scalp and hair for about an hour. Rinse your hair really good and style as usual. With the antioxidants in green tea, you will see a big difference in a few days. You may also try boiling potatoes and rosemary and use it as a hair rinse daily. This will help hair loss and also will give your hair a great fragrance.

This Dermatologist Singapore recommends a CRP shampoo. It is formulated with many ingredients that helps with hair loss and baldness. It will prevent inflammation, dandruff and oily scalp. Your hair will become thicker with a boost of growth. The shampoo also comes in a spray form for easy application. Dermatologists also treat skin problems. A skin doctor can examine your scalp for skin diseases and skin problems. This may be one of the problems for hair thinning and loss.

Saw Palmetto is very effective on thinning and baldness. It’s all natural ingredients block the androgen receptors and give your hair follicles a more powerful boost of energy. Nettles increases the circulation of the scalp with vitamin A and C. All vitamins can help strengthen your hair and scalp and is widely recommended by doctors. Aloe Vera is a anti-inflammatory that fights against Androgenetic Alopecia. It can protect your scalp and hair against damage. Keeping your scalp clean is very important. Heavy oils can clog the pores which leads to damage. Horsetail can thoroughly cleaned your scalp and reduce buildup of oil.

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Certain substances such as saw palmetto or shampoos fortified with vitamins and minerals may help you to stimulate your hair growth naturally, but your doctor can give your the best advice for your individual case. Learn more about natural hair loss treatments in this free video on receding hairlines and baldness.

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