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5 Diet Tips to Transform Your Body


All the exercise in the world can’t overcome a poor diet. Your body must be given plenty of nutrients from the food you eat each day. Exercise will help you transform your body, but the diet is the most important part. If you want sculpted abs and toned legs, then you must pay attention to what you are eating. Follow these five diet tips to transform your body.

1. Drink More Water

In order to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you burn each day. Drinking water is a great start, since it has zero calories. Drinking water helps your body stay hydrated so that it won’t hold on to too much water weight. And you’ll eat less, since water fills up your stomach and quenches your thirst.

2. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods usually have far too much sodium and sugar. Sodium causes your body to retain more water, and it also raises your blood pressure to unhealthy levels. When you eat less sodium, you will naturally feel less bloated. Eating too much sugar tricks your body into eating more food that you really don’t need. High fructose corn syrup has proven to lead to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and a host of other problems.

3. Eat More Fish

Cold water, fatty fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids. Our bodies cannot make these fatty acids naturally without help. So we must get through from food. Be sure to include plenty of tuna, salmon, and mackerel in your diet. You should aim to eat fish two to three times per week. But you could also consider fish oil supplements if you don’t enjoy eating fish.

4. Fruit for the Sweet Tooth

Fruits are naturally sweet and satisfying. All sugars are bad in excess, but fruits contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that make them worthwhile. You’ll need to eat fruit to get vitamin A, vitamin C, and a host of other important nutrients. Your body can’t function properly without these vitamins, so be sure to stock up on fruit when you go to the store.

5. Oatmeal for Breakfast

Oatmeal is a fantastic breakfast food. You get fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals from oatmeal. And you won’t eat a ton of sugar, sodium, or calories unless you add stuff that you’re not supposed to add. Eating a good breakfast that includes oatmeal can help you avoid overeating the rest of the day. And it can help you keep a steady blood sugar level. Learn more at London Weight Management Malaysia

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Helpful Tips on Lossing Weight with the Best Yoga Asanas


The search for the best yoga asanas for weight loss has in the last few years increased. This art has developed from the traditional poses which involved sitting in a still yet firm position for hours on end.


The basic practices still remain the same and they include starting out on an empty stomach and controlling your breathing. The body should be moved to position slowly to avoid straining a muscle. One should also not exert force on the body while practicing these poses.


These poses include tadasana which is putting your feet together, pushing your pelvic bone forward and raising your hands up in a tree like pose. Uttanasa involves that one bends forward, it focuses on the hamstring to burn calories in the body. In the uttanasa you should focus on making a upside down v shape with your body.


The triangle pose involves one hand on the ground supporting the rest of your body in a straight line facing forwards. Once you are comfortable in that position lift your other hand to the skies. Repeat the same position with the other hand supporting your weight.


Bhujangasana helps build muscle mass on your shoulders and arms as well as thighs. Lie flat on your tummy and with the top of your feet facing the floor, slowly lift your head, shoulders and chest up in cobra-like stance. Hold this position for a couple of breaths.


Sethu bandhasa requires you on your back with your feet folded and nearly touching your rear. Slowly raise your pelvic bone to the sky and position your hands under your back. Hold this position for a couple of breaths with your back fully arched bridge-like.


One of the easiest poses to hold is virabhdrasana. This is where on holds a warrior stance with both arms outstretched facing towards one direction and one knee bent in a ninety degree angle and the other parallel to the ground. Change positions to face the other side.


The best yoga asanas for weight loss help you focus on how you feel. You should also concentrate on the muscles that are been challenged and take care not to exert yourself to the point of pain. These poses can be practiced at any age, for more information contact a physiotherapist, or visit London Weight Management Malaysia



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Five Beauty Secrets Women Can Use to Always Look Their Best

It isn’t easy being a woman. You are always expected to look gorgeous every time you walk out the door, but then men get upset when they have to wait for you to get ready. Most men have no idea how much work it is for women to look gorgeous, and it is impossible to try and get them to understand it. Instead of wasting your breath trying to explain it to them, you should look for ways you can look your best without expending a lot of time and effort. To that end, here is a look at five beauty treatments that will help you to look gorgeous without spending a lot of time.


1. Stop Tweezing so Much

That overly tweezed look is so out. Right now, thicker, fuller brows are where it’s at. This is a great development for busy women. Instead of wasting a lot of time tweezing, just tweeze the few stray hairs you see without wasting time agonizing over every single hair. After a quick tweeze, fill in your brows with a pencil that is one shade lighter than your natural colour. This will create a softer, natural look.




2. Body Shaper Treatments

Let’s face it, almost all of us will face periods of our lives where our bodies are not as tight and firm as we would like. We don’t always have the time and energy we need to work out hours a day to keep our bodies gorgeously shaped. Fortunately, you don’t need to have a perfect body when you use body shaper treatments. Putting them on will tighten up your figure and make you look amazing.


Body Shaper


3. Handling Cellulite

Another thing most men don’t seem to understand is that cellulite is part of being a woman, too. Even if you are a workout machine, the appearance of cellulite will happen to you at some point. When it occurs, the first step you should take is to start using creams designed to treat it. While this will work in most cases, some women may need to seek professional help to get treatments using lasers, radio-frequency devices or injectable fillers.




4. Give Yourself the Spa Treatment at Home

One of the hottest new ways to get glowing, clear skin is to use a rotating cleansing brush to wash your face. These powerful devices will open up you pores, allowing your facial cleanser to thoroughly remove the dirt, makeup and dead skin cells that are clogging your pores. Women who suffer from conditions like acne and rosacea have seen an almost instant elimination of these problems. Women who use a rotating cleaning brush will have the softest, healthiest skin of their lives.


5. Sleep

As simple as it sounds, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most powerful beauty treatments there is. There is a reason that they call it “beauty sleep.” If you want to look your best, one of the best things you can do is to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. A good night’s sleep reduces stress, and stress is one of the biggest enemies when it comes to looking good. When you get the proper rest, it will not take you so much time during the day to improve your appearance.

Woman Sleeping

If you use these five tools, you will find that you look gorgeous all the time. It really doesn’t take as much effort as you think it does to look your best. As long as you use smart moves like these five tips, you will be able to show yourself off to the world by bringing your beauty out to shine.



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4 Food Types You Can Eat to Increase Weight Loss and Improve Well-Being

Maintaining a healthy body mass is an idea with which just about everyone can relate. After many decades of promoting of popular crash diets that do not work and unrealistic or unhealthy body ideals, it seems our society is finally returning to its senses. Using food to increase your fat-burning power while building and keeping lean muscle, improving every aspect of your life, and promoting a deep sense of well-being has become a central focus for many weight loss programs. Here are four foods that you can put to work for you. The benefits of these fat burning, metabolism boosting foods is that they are common, relatively inexpensive, and easy to incorporate into your existing pattern of life.


1. Beans and Legumes

These little powerhouses tend to get a bad reputation. However, they contain enormous amounts of high-quality plant proteins and phytonutrients that act in a number of ways. They regulate blood glucose, triglycerides or fat in your blood, and mitigate cardiovascular disease factors.


Their high fibre content aides in digestion, and also acts to help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Medical science asserts that such foods with a low glycemic index (GI) as part of an overall diet effectively boost your body’s metabolism and reduce the likelihood of storing unused energy as fat.


2. Dark Leafy Greens

These are a part of supporting your immune health in order to make your body more effective at fat burning. Dark green vegetables and leafy greens carry a hefty load of antioxidants that improve your ability to flush toxins from your body, neutralize free radical particles that are both a product of natural detoxification processes and a result of living in a modern, industrialized society. Further, dark, leafy greens like spinach contain a nutrient known as folate or folic acid. This, along with calcium, which is also contained in these vegetables, is essential to building strong, healthy bones and mitigating damage that occurs in muscle tissue during strenuous exertion. Greens also contain quantities of insoluble fibre, which is good for digestion, glucose regulation, and increasing natural metabolic rates.

3. Green Tea


Green tea has been shown to support healthy blood vessels, lower blood serum cholesterol, improve blood flow, and increase metabolism, all while proffering a powerful distressing effect. The active phytochemical in all products of Camelia sinensis or the tea bush contain varying levels of a substance called catechins, specifically epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). While many fat burner supplements contain extractives of green tea for this powerful phytonutrient, green tea’s power isn’t about melting away fat. It acts specifically to improve the integrity and functionality of your body’s primary systems.


By strengthening vessel walls and improving blood flow, as well as supporting the cleansing action of the kidneys and liver, your vital systems get better quality blood, more quickly, in greater amounts. It enhances your ability to function well and use the energy you consume effectively, as opposed to storing it as fat. That’s the real secret to weight loss—good health.

4. Fermented Dairy Products

While run-of-the-mill dairy can be great for you, providing nutrients and metabolic support, fermented dairy—like yoghurt and kefir and other products from that area of the world—provides a different benefit. While providing all the benefits of unfermented dairy products such as cheese and milk, it also contains a host of beneficial bacteria. These contribute to the health and high function of positive gut flora, kill bad gut flora that make you sick, and improve your ability to absorb nutrients, use energy, and flush negative matter from your body.


There are many foods that will increase your ability to burn fat, use energy, and live a healthier life. A good rule of thumb is that you should eat from the rainbow, with the bulk of your daily intake comprised of nutrient dense foods, rather than energy dense choices—vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts or healthy fats, lean protein and whole grains. An orange is nutrient dense, but has fewer calories than a pastry, which is energy dense. Your body is a complex arrangement of interactive systems, and when you care for the systems, they care for you. In order to burn fat, maintain a healthy body mass, and feel better, eat well.

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Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss is a goal of almost anyone who is moderately overweight, extremely overweight or obese, but it is a difficult one to obtain. Weight loss pills that are available today may help you reach your desired goal. Understanding the approach that each one takes to help you control your weight may help you choose the one that is the most effective for you. Some of the popular options that are on the market today include zenoctil, liposinol and duromine pills.



Choosing Zenoctil

A patented compound of extracts from Garcinia cambogia fruits and from green tea, green coffee and banaba leaves produces a safe and natural way to lose weight. The extracts help your body burn fat that it has stored and prevents it from storing excess fat that increases your weight. The extracts have health benefits that help reduce stress that may occur when you are dieting, and they help you maintain a healthy level of blood sugar.

Dried fruit from the Garcinia cambogia plant is the source of extracts that act as thermogenic agents or fat burners. Preventing the storage of excess carbohydrates is the primary function of the plant’s extracts that work in combination with other ingredients to produce a drug free aid for your weight loss program. Green tea extract contains caffeine that promotes thermogenesis or fat oxidation. It helps you avoid fatigue while enhancing your alertness as well as your relaxation.

Extract from green coffee helps your body maintain a healthy level of insulin and a normal metabolism of glucose that tend to control your cravings and your appetite. Dried leaves of the banaba plant produce an extract that boosts your body’s ability to resist food cravings.





Using Liposinol

A combination of soluble and non-soluble fibres provides a way to bind more than 25 percent of the dietary fats that you consume. The patented complex contains ingredients found in dehydrated cactus leaves, a healthy source that allows you to safely eliminate it. Avoiding side effects such as uncontrollable bowel movements or excessive flatulence are benefits that you can expect. Containing essential vitamins that are fat soluble, the complex helps your body absorb A, D and E.

Clinical studies show that a feeling of satiety results in preventing food cravings and reducing the likelihood of overeating. It is not a drug, but it has received scientific validation as a medical device that helps prevent and treat obesity. Choosing it as a partner in your weight management program can help you lose weight and maintain the loss. Ridding your body of excess fat is a healthful step toward improving your overall health.





Relying on Duromine Pills

Available only with a doctor’s prescription, the pills are an option that you may choose to consider if you are morbidly obese. Your doctor can explain the side effects of taking them so that you can evaluate your next steps. The product contains gelatine but no preservatives or gluten. Your doctor may provide a few free samples if you request them and if you meet requirements for using the drug.





Choosing Carefully

Weight loss pills offer you a way to lose weight and control your appetite. With careful consideration of the ingredients and with the advice of your doctor – we recommend Certified Weight Loss Pills (Zenoctil, Liposinol, Duromine) by Premier Clinic , you may find one that helps you meet your weight loss goal.

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Tips to Maintain Healthy Weight Loss for Women

Weight loss is a difficult task to maintain for both women and men, but women often struggle with healthy weight loss much more. Between fluctuations in hormones and juggling the stresses of maintaining work, home, and family tasks it tends to be a little more difficult to lose weight. Women are more likely to give in to the temptations of hyped-up rapid weight loss fads that all too frequently fail. The tried and true standards of healthy eating and ample exercise always apply, but there are some extra tips to help maintain healthy weight loss.




Increase Fluid Intake ♒

Thirst and hunger can often be mistaken. Instead of packing in empty calories, increasing fluid intake can help. A few slices of lemon or fruit infused, sugar-free tea not only keeps hydration levels adequate, but they also provide a feeling of fullness. Hydration is important all the time, but during weight loss it is a crucial part of staying healthy.


drink water


Adjust Diet Regimen 

Eating healthy is an important part of weight loss for women. Creating a healthy diet regimen takes a bit of readjusting as needed. For example, think about new things that can be added. Initially, a lot of things are removed especially if they are high in fat or calories. As the dieting continues, focus less on taking foods away and more on adding beneficial foods such as more vegetables and fruits. Be creative. Fruits and vegetables can be added to traditional dishes instead of a plate full of sides.





Avoid Unnecessary Snacking ツ

The ideal times for snacking are after breakfast and lunch. Those urges to grab a bag of chips or a pack of cookies after dinner should be avoided. Snacks should be healthy and light. If the late night snacking urge cannot be ignored, choose something nutritious or healthy, such as fruit or a fat-free, sugar-free ice cream with a little fresh fruit added.


diet chips



Avoid Scheduled Eating When Possible ✿

It may seem hard, especially when a work schedule is involved, but it is a good idea to eat only when actual hunger is present. Many women eat because they are on a schedule or they indulge in what is called emotional eating. Stress, anger, depression, and boredom are met with eating. If scheduled meals cannot be avoided, only eat during those specific times and keep that same schedule every day. The body will adjust and experience hunger at those times. Stray away from emotional eating; it can send a diet downhill real fast.





Avoid Replacing All “Bad” Foods ❤

An ideal healthy diet should include all the foods a woman enjoys. Switching everything to low-calorie, fat-free, and carbohydrate-free can actually cause more harm. To function properly, the body needs everything from fat to sugar. The trick is to make adjustments and enjoy these foods in smaller amounts. Indulge in fast food or fried chicken, but limit the portion size and frequency to about once or twice a week.


close enough


Healthy weight loss is more about using common sense and listening to cues from the body. Once a diet and food regimen is created, efforts become much easier. Keep in mind, however, that everyone has a slip up. It does not mean the diet has failed. Just make adjustments and continue on.

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