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3 Devices for Checking Blood Sugar Levels

Glucose levels are important but tricky to monitor. Failure to keep blood sugar levels as normal as possible can cause frequent urination and dehydration, heart diseases, damaged eyesight, and foot ulcer among others. On the other hand, accidentally bringing glucose levels below normal may cause dizziness and fainting (a real danger for those who take fast-acting insulin shots).


Knowing how to read your glucose levels is just the start to maintaining your health, you also need to choose the right device to partner with you in this task.

There are three main types of devices used for checking one’s blood sugar level: meters, insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitors. Each of these caters to different kinds of patients.

The choice of what device to acquire requires a lot of thought. While cost is often the foremost concern, it is in no way the deciding factor. The need (or desire) to keep glucose levels as normal as possible just as important, and for many diabetics, the ability to live as normally as possible plays a larger role in the decision-making process.



Meters are usually cheap devices (they cost about fifty dollars) that measure the glucose level of blood on small test strips. But the cost of these strips for long-term daily use accumulate and amount to more than the cost of the meter itself. For many of these meters, data storage is also available, giving you and your health provider the capability to review past readings. The ability to mark and flag readings can also help you track and analyse trends in your sugar levels—this feature is especially important for women during their menstruation period.

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs)


Continuous glucose monitors are devices that are inserted under the skin (usually the abdomen). As their name implies, they continuously monitor one’s blood sugar. CGMs are especially helpful for those who take rapid-acting insulin because they help prevent an overdose that would cause hypoglycemia. They also allow you to view your sugar levels in a graph, allowing you to gain a clearer picture of when and why your blood sugar spikes. CGMs need recalibration once every twelve hours.

CGMs are significantly more expensive than meters. They cost about a thousand to two thousand dollars and that is apart from the for the batteries which about half a thousand dollars and need to be changed every year or so depending on the model.

Insulin Pumps


Insulin pumps are similar to CGMs in that they continuously record your glucose levels, but they differ in that they also pump insulin into your body, automatically maintaining a safe glucose level for you. However, they are extremely expensive, with the device itself amounting to thousands of dollars, and with the monthly supplies that you would have to purchase to use the device, you would spend nearly ten thousand dollars in the first year!

Insulin pumps are more common among those with Type 1 Diabetes, but they are increasingly popular among people with Type 2 Diabetes because they allow one to live normally, without checking and taking medication for diabetes.


Whatever device you choose, remember that these devices alone will not keep diabetes-related complications away. Adjusting your diet and your lifestyle while monitoring your blood sugar will go a long way to keeping the lifestyle you want—as long as it’s healthy.

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A colonoscopy is performed as a diagnostic tool to determine the cause of sudden colon-based symptoms. It is also used as a preventative screening tool to catch the early onset of several serious conditions of the large intestine that occur naturally as people age.
Common Symptoms 

The colon completes digestion and waste expulsion processes. When it functions properly, the body receives all of the nutrients and fluids it needs to function. When the colon malfunctions for any reason, people can experience:

– Nausea
– Gas and Bloating
– Constipation or Diarrhea
– Blockages
– Dull or severe pain
– Bleeding
– Nutrient malabsorption
– Immune system dysfunction
Colon Health 

Sometimes the colon becomes unhealthy from the accidental consumption of foods, medicines or objects that upset the gut flora balance within the colon, cause some sort of damage or create allergic and non-allergic reactions. The most common causes of poor colon health are:

– Tears and perforations
– Abscesses, polyps and ulcers
– Inflammation and/or bleeding
– Damaged, missing or overwhelmed healthy gut flora
– Microorganisms and parasites
– Infections from any causes
– Cancer of the colon or nearby organs
Colonoscopies Save Lives 

In poor colon health scenarios, men, women and children can experience permanent damage or die if their conditions go untreated for long. Ulcers and polyps can develop into colorectal cancer. Unprotected torn surfaces can become infected and potentially cause blood infection and even gangrene.

The process for an acute symptom diagnostic procedure and a colonoscopy screening is typically the same: A patient uses a medication to clean out the bowel. The gastroenterologist places the patient under sedation and inserts a gentle, flexible tube into the colon. Then the doctor passes a camera on the end of fibre optic line through the tube to observe the interior lining from the bottom of the small intestine all of the way out of the body at the anus. Some gastroenterologists also remove small pieces of colon tissue to conduct biopsies to check for certain diseases, microorganisms and cancers. In some cases, polyps are also removed or treatment is conducted on abscesses and tears.

In situations when an invasive procedure is not immediately possible, some gastroenterologists order a CT X-ray scan of the colon to get a rough view of things that can be easily detected via this method, such as blockages, inflammation and non-cancerous/cancerous growths. Patient preparation is the same, but there is limited invasive movement through the colon. Instead, a doctor inserts a device that gently inflates the colon and then uses CT scanning equipment. The scans are fed into a computer program that creates a 2D or 3D representation of the colon on screen for diagnostic study.

People visiting, exploring or living in Singapore have no need to worry about receiving the care they need if they experience acute or chronic symptoms. There are plenty of health facilities that can perform a colonoscopy in Singapore and experienced doctors that can provide accurate diagnoses based on results.

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What Exactly is a Hernia?

Weak spots in the body’s muscle or tissue can tear, thus causing fatty tissue or an organ to squeeze through that weak place. Typically, it occurs in the inner groin, the outer groin, belly button or upper stomach, but it can occur at incision spots that are weakened due to previous surgeries.

The inner groin or inguinal hernia allows the bladder or intestine to protrude. The femoral or outer groin happens when the intestine pushes into the canal where the femoral artery is in the upper thigh. An umbilical bulge occurs in the belly button when part of the intestine pushes through the abdominal muscle near the belly button. A hiatal one occurs in the upper stomach when it squeezes through weakened muscles into the diaphragm.
Who Does it Impact?

While a hernia can impact anyone who lifts heavy objects, obese people and those with poor nutrition, it can happen for other reasons too. Severe constipation can cause a problem as well as previous surgeries.

Umbilical problems can occur in newborns, but it also impacts obese women or women who have had many pregnancies. Femoral lumps are common among women too. It usually occurs in women who are obese or pregnant. An inguinal lump happens in men because they have a weakness in the groin area.
inguinal hernia
Who is at Risk?

There are risk factors for those who will develop a problem like a family history of them. Those who are obese will likely have a problem with them, especially if that person has had a stomach surgery. Along with being obese or overweight, smoking will cause a cough. Coughing can cause the intestines to push against weakened tissue.

One of the biggest signs of a problem is a bulge or lump. It can occur in the groin where the thigh meets the pubic bone, in the stomach or near the belly button. With a baby, you can see the bulge in the belly button when they cry.

There’s pain and discomfort when lifting things, bending over or coughing. The site of the bulge can ache or feel heavy. It might feel like there’s pressure from the inside of the body against the lump. With a hiatal one, there might be chest pain and acid reflux. There could also be difficulty swallowing.

How is it Repaired?

The repair of the lump depends on its severity and whether it complicates the person’s life. A doctor could monitor for complications and suggest dietary changes. Losing weight can have an impact on some areas if they’re related to being obese. With hiatal ones, reducing stomach acid while changing the diet can bring relief.

With serious pain and large bulges, hernia surgery might be the only option for hernia repair. Surgical mesh is inserted into the space, which is sewn into the muscles to reinforce the weak spot. Hernia surgery can be done laparoscopically, which means the doctor will make tiny incisions and use a camera to see the area.


For more information, please visit:

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Scalp Treatments That Soothe

We really do abuse our hair and our scalp on a daily basis thanks to hair dye, harsh shampoos, products, hot styling tools and daily exposure to heat and cold temperatures. As this constant abuse continues we are stripping our hair of necessary oils that protect our scalp.

The most common issues associated with this problem is a dry and itchy scalp. Many people have dandruff, or flakes of skin cells from the scalp. When this occurs, the scalp is then more susceptible to infection and further irritation. There are a number of options for scalp treatment in Singapore that can be used to help heal and promote a healthy scalp and healthy hair.


The Science Behind It All 
The outer layer of skin on the scalp is called the stratum corneum. In between these cells you will find ceramides and together these two molecules will form a barrier on your scalp that helps protect against loss of moisture or damage. Sebum is a natural oil that is secreted by each hair follicle and it is a natural moisturizer. When the scalp becomes too dry or damaged, this system becomes unbalanced.


Hydrating your scalp is imperative in order to fix this problem situation. A number of great home remedies will provide relief. For example, you can steep one tea bag of chamomile tea, green tea or sage tea into one cup of water. Once the tea has cooled you can drizzle the tea onto your scalp and massage gently. Rinse normally.

A number of special scalp treatments and shampoos replace the lost ceramides on the scalp. Natural alternatives also assist such as wheat germ oil or aloe vera gel. You can use these treatments a couple of times per week or every other day for severe cases. Make sure you do not shampoo after completing one of these treatments as much of the healing takes place after you are done with your shower or bath.

Jojoba oil is actually used in scientific studies as a replacement for natural hair sebum. You can warm a small amount of this oil and then massage into your scalp for soothing relief.

In addition to the pesky dandruff that many people experience with an irritated scalp, there are other scalp problems that can develop such as eczema of the scalp and psoriasis. Taking proper care of your scalp is just as important as taking care of the skin on the rest of your body. Maintaining a good hair care and scalp routine can help prevent issues from occurring and provide you with healthy hair.

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know your skinFreckles are groups of skin cells known as keratinocytes that contain the brown skin pigment known as melanin. A specialized body cell known as melanocyte produces excess melanin when exposed to sunlight. This excess pigment is collected by surrounding skin cells, explaining why they appear in spots rather than as a uniform coat of color across the skin.

People are likely to experience more during summer due to the exposure to sunlight. However, they disappear during winter for the same reason. Light skinned people are also more susceptible to them than dark skinned people are. Also, on the list of people prone are blondes and redheads, and those with genetic predispositions.

Most times, they are painless and flat because the skin cells are usually perfectly normal despite the slight difference. All the same, you may be interested in how to get rid of those dark spots on your face, chest or back that are crippling your confidence. Here are a few tips for freckles removal:


§ Prevent Them from Appearing

It may sound strange, but the best way to eliminate these dark spots from your body is to prevent them from appearing in the first place. This you can do by protecting yourself from direct contact with the sun. You could use umbrellas or wear hats with wide brims that shadow your face. Alternatively, you may cover your hands and legs by wearing long sleeved clothes or long pants. You may also want to avoid going outside altogether. If this is not practical, you can try your best to stay within the shaded area.


§ Lemon Juice

lemon-juiceThis is the most common way to get rid of freckled patches of skin. Lemon juice can be used to lighten the dark spots since lemon is a natural bleaching agent. All you need to do is squeeze fresh lemon juice into a bowl and use cotton balls to apply the juice on the freckled areas of the face. Leave it to soak for at least 10 minutes then rinse off using cold water. This remedy should work if used daily.


§ Sake Facial Mask

Sake is a Japanese wine that is made from rice. It inhibits production of melanin in the skin through a component known as kojic acid. This makes it very effective at freckles removal. You only need to mix the sake with yogurt, oatmeal powder, and honey. This will form a paste that you then apply and leave for half an hour. The paste contains antioxidants that are great for the skin.

If all these tips are not effective for you, you may want to consider laser treatment. The procedure has no known long-term negative effects, but it is likely to result in swelling or temporary bruising. However, this seems like a small price to pay for a smooth, fair skin. You may want to check out the beauty centre that provides effective freckles removal treatment.

Al the same, sunscreen and a hat can spare you a lot of time spent removing these dark spots later. The toughest sun damage to remove is freckles. Therefore, prevention is the best solution.

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How to Get the Minimum Daily Exercise and Nutrition in Your Life Without Even Trying


Screen-Shot-2012-12-28-at-12.37.56-PMThe easiest way to get the minimum amount of nutrition and exercise you need daily is to make small changes that will have a huge impact.


Friends Having Lunch Together At HomeSimple Substitutions
Instead of having a full-fat dressing on your salad, opt for a low fat alternative. If you’re having a sandwich for lunch, have a whole wheat wrap instead of white or wheat bread. A four ounce beef patty is approximately 300 calories while the same size turkey patty is half that at 150 calories. These small changes can cut hundreds of calories per day from your meals. It’s one of the simplest ways to make a change.

Before meals, have a glass of water. You’ll be hydrating your body while filling your stomach, so you don’t eat as much. Have water at meals and drop the sugar-filled sodas completely. Most sodas have about 200 calories per drink. If you sip cola throughout the day, most of your daily calories are coming from those sugars.

portion-controlPortion Control
It helps to reduce your portions when you want to lose weight or stay healthy. Snacks should be measured before you start eating, so you can stay within acceptable limits. When you eat directly from the bag, you can go beyond the correct portions. Use smaller plates since it fools your eye into thinking there’s plenty of food.
Some fibres examples in a every day food

High Fiber and High Protein
Foods with high fiber and high protein will keep you full longer. While salads are great for diets, they can often leave you feeling dissatisfied and hungry. That will lead to snacking disasters. Low blood sugars can leave you shaky and willing to eat anything in the refrigerator.


Woman walking cross country and trail in spring forest

Walk More
You can be more active without joining a gym or doing workout videos in your living room. It’s easy to add exercise into your life if you look for ways to do it. Walking 15 minutes each day will go a long way towards increasing your overall health and well-being as well as keeping your diet on track.

Tricks to Walking 
There are things you can do to trick yourself into walking more without it feeling like a chore. When you park at the mall, don’t cruise around until a spot finally opens closer to the door. You can park at the back of the lot and walk to the front door. If you must go to a higher floor, take the stairs instead of using the elevator. At the mall, make sure you hit all the stores on each floor to increase your walking goal for the day. Call it window shopping, and you’ll do it more often.

House-Cleaning-TipsHouse Cleaning
You most likely clean your house every single day. This can turn into a workout if you dance while doing your chores. Mopping and vacuuming can become an all-over body workout if you twist and turn, bend and flex or lunge and squat while doing it.

You can look for a variety of activities or substitute certain foods if you want to learn how to stay healthy with a minimal amount of effort. You have to make a conscious decision to add exercise and good nutrition into your routine, but it doesn’t have to mean a ton of effort.

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Beautifying Your Breasts? Here’s How to Do It Naturally – Before You See The Doctors

For women, body care is usually a big deal. Those who don’t have the time to care for their body are either lucky and their body stands up well to the effects of aging or they are aging at a much faster rate, and they may not even realize it. If it’s the latter case, then there are a few things that can be done to increase the beauty of the female body. For each woman, the area of the body that will be affected the most is different. When this area is the breasts, women will no doubt want to do everything they can to improve them. There are a few methods that work that women can try.



One of the most important habits is to wear bras. They should be worn anytime when you are not sleeping. A well-fitting bra takes weight off of the neck and shoulders and makes it easy for you to practice good posture.



Use A Firming Cream

Breast firming creams are gaining in popularity due to how effective they have proven to be. There are some truly delightful creams, but the main ingredients that make them effective can be purchased and mixed with lotion or oil and massaged into the breasts two or three times a week. Just a couple of drops of the following essential oils can be mixed with a sufficient amount of almond, grapeseed or olive oil and massaged into the breasts weekly:

Carrot oil
Cypress oil
Fennel oil
Lemongrass oil
Spearmint oil




These can also be mixed with Shea butter and massaged into the breasts.

One of the best times to massage the breasts may be at night when you are lying in bed before you go to sleep. This may be the easiest time for you to remember to do it, but really it can be done any time of the day or night just as long as you don’t plan to bathe or swim immediately after because you want the oils to have a chance to work. In fact, wearing a bra immediately after doing this massage has added benefits; this being said, you wouldn’t want to do it at night because it is best not to sleep with a bra.



Ice Firming Treatment

This method helps firm up the breasts quickly and has lasting effects. Massage each breast with an ice cube in a slow circular motion. Make sure you massage the entire breast. Then put your bra on and lean back or lie down for some time.




Breast Mask

Finally, there is the breast mask. Some breast firming creams work like a breast mask, but this one can be made at home. All you have to do is mix one egg yolk with a ground cucumber, then add some cream or butter. Mix the ingredients to form a cream, and apply the mask to your breasts covering them completely. Leave on for about 20 minutes.


The breasts benefit from cold temperatures as cellular movement is slowed down significantly, so whenever you can be in a cold environment or apply cool breast firming creams or masks and massage with ice cubes, or cold lotion you are improving the beauty and firmness of your breasts.

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Using Botox in a V-Shape Face Treatment – No Cuts and Scars!

In Singapore, body contouring is a popular beauty option for men and women wanting to change the shape of their face, mid-section, arms, or legs. The visual proportions of a V-shaped face have become increasingly popular in Singapore in recent years in particular. A V-shape face treatment is characterised by high, tight cheekbones and a small chin.

V-shape surgeries and cosmetic procedures aim to eliminate or greatly reduce the appearance of a double chin, soften the wrinkles and crow’s feet that accumulate around the eyes, smooth out scarring, and tighten the skin around the cheekbones.


Getting the V-Shape with Surgery

Generally speaking, there are two ways that surgeons help their clients obtain a V-shaped face. Some aestheticians elect to perform a surgery on their patient where they cut and restructure the jawbones into a V-shape. Although this particular procedure leaves very little superficial scarring, it is very invasive and expensive. And, depending on how much restructuring needs to be done, the recovery process can last several months.


The V-Shape Face and Botox

People looking to avoid jawbone reduction surgery should consider V-face treatment that uses Botox injections and filler to achieve the right look. The benefits of avoiding surgery are numerous: Botox requires no cutting, nor does it leave scars. Another advantage of going the Botox route is that patients report seeing V-shaped results in as little as 3 days following the procedure.

To reduce the jawbone using Botox, the aesthetician needs to make between 3 and 6 injections on each side of the face along the patient’s jawline. These Botox injections will begin to atrophy the patient’s jaw muscle. In time, the size and appearance of the chin will be greatly reduced.

From there, the aesthetic centre in Singapore will inject the patient’s chin with artificial filler to achieve the chin and jaw shape the patient desires. Hyaluronic acid is used by the surgeon to give shape to the patient’s renovated chin.

Hyaluronic acid is an organic substance that is found in many different areas of our body. More specifically, we have hyaluronic acid in our joints and eyes, as well as in the layers of our skin. Hyaluronic acid’s organic properties make it completely safe for all contouring procedures.


Possible Side Effects with Botox

Another benefit of choosing to contour your face using a combination of Botox and hyaluronic acid is that the serious side effects associated with jawline surgery are non-existent. In fact, most patients report that the most serious side effect they suffer from the Botox injections is a light bruising near the injection sites on the chin.

Slight swelling around the cheeks and chin is also possible, though these side effects are usually very minimal and always temporary.
Nose Contouring with Hyaluronic Acid

Depending on a patient’s desires, some people choose to contour their nose with hyaluronic acid, too. The acid is injected into the bridge of the nose. Injecting the filler at the bridge of the nose allows the surgeon to more easily reshape the nose to the patient’s preferences.

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Top 5 Reasons Tui-Na Massage is Great for Babies

Massage is no longer a healthful luxury for only adults to benefit from. It is the most helpful when it is catered to the specific health condition the client is experiencing. Children and infants have experienced many similar benefits as adults, but there are some very important advantages for young ones especially. Here are the top 5 reasons you should get your baby a massage:


1. It strengthens your baby’s immune system while helping to heal current ailments.

By improving circulation, your baby’s young immune system can efficiently remove potentially problematic toxins from her blood, including the ones that may or are currently causing her ailments. These ailments can be fever, earache, cough, nausea, loss of appetite, or more. In addition, applying pressure to certain points promotes the release of neurotransmitters that actively participate in immune system activities. The key to prevention from any major health concerns is to address minor issues with regular massage sessions.


2. The improved circulation to the brain helps with brain development.

Paired with a stimulating and educational environment and secure relationships with his parents, a child’s intellectual abilities can be heightened greatly with Tui-Na massage. By promoting healthy circulation, the brain receives the nourishment it needs to process your baby’s surroundings and boost his thirst for knowledge starting at his young age. Autistic children can also benefit in terms of sensory perception, focus, and hyperactivity.


baby massage3. The improved circulation to the muscular and skeletal systems.

As your baby grows and learns to move on her own, massage can help support her physical ability to do so. This promotes good motor coordination and keeps her muscles in great shape. Your baby’s progression from crawling to walking and running will be smoother and perhaps even quicker with the help of this added circulation.


4. This massage aids in proper digestion.

Research has shown that Tui-Na can promote healthy digestion. Infantile diarrhea is one of the particular conditions that was remedied in the majority of children given the massage. Naturally, constipation and gas is also addressed effectively, since the improved circulation promotes regular movement in the intestines. Additionally, appetite can be stimulated through massage if you find your baby is not eating as well as he should.


5. Tui-Na massage has been shown to cause significant improvements in mood and sleep behaviors.

It can reduce anxiety, hyperactivity, and insomnia and most children. Your baby will be able to sleep well through the night and experience much less distress after regular massage sessions. Bed-wetting and nightmares can therefore also be alleviated. Much like adults, your baby will be much happier after such healthful pampering.

As you can see, Tui-Na massage is highly advantageous for children and infants, especially those that may be prone to frequent illness. For more information about Tui-Na massage and how great it is for babies, you should visit

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Types of Chinese Herbs Used in Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage is one of the ways our body maintains a healthy immune system and efficient immune system response. The lymphatic system is a network of ducts and vessels that transfer various antibodies and white blood cells to the rest of the body. The ability of these duct and vessels – or lymph nodes – to transport is reduced by a number of possible factors, including: fatigue, inactivity, stress, chemical additives, infection, food additives, age, and heredity. Lymphatic drainage can help flush your body of these things, as well as reduce menstrual cramps, hayfever, cellulite, sinusitis, and water retention.



Chinese Herbs Used in Lymphatic Drainage

The Chinese have been practising lymphatic drainage since around 1587, when a Chinese physician named Gong Tingxian (龚廷贤) published a book with various formula recipes all created to cleanse the lymphatic system. Depending on the location of the body, the Tingxian identified different types of phlegm and fluid that move through that part of the lymphatic system. Tingxian created his formulas to address wind and demons – which, in his day, were thought to be the two main disease-causing agents within the body.







Tingxian’s favoured herbs were hoelen, pinellia, citrus, ginger, magnolia bark, atractylodes, and cardamom, and saussurea. Other Chinese herbs used in traditional lymphatic cleanses include arisaema and cyperus. 

The herbs that Tingxian used to treat wind and demons are the same herbs used today to cleanse the lymphatic system. 

Hoelen is a wood-decay fungus – and is often referred to as a mushroom – that resembles a small coconut. The citrus types Tingxian used in his lymphatic formulas include: chih-shih, chih-ko, and blue citrus. Saussurea is a perennial flower characterised by its woolly purple bristles. The plant grows in China’s cooler, more temperate climates. Pinellia, commonly referred to as the “Green Dragon” because of the shape of its leaves, is an indispensable element in Chinese medicine as a cough and phlegm suppressant.

The green cardamoms used by Tingxian in his lymphatic-clearing formulas are used elsewhere in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat gum and tooth infections, cure throat ailments, and treat lung congestion and tuberculosis. The magnolia bark exploited by Tingxian and other traditional Chinese physicians is derived from a magnolia tree that grows along mountains and in valleys at altitudes of 300 meters to 1500 meters in China. To prepare the herb, the bark is stripped from the tree’s branches, stems, and roots. The bark carries a heavy aroma and is able to treat various ailments relating to anxiety and the body’s vessels.


Massage Therapists in Singapore

The best massage therapists in Singapore can be found both in rural and urban locations of the country. One of the most massage treatment facilities in Singapore is Spaboutique, which offers anything from facials, hair treatment, and lymphatic massage, to more specialised treatments like their signature Quantum Raindrop Therapy Ritual. The Oriental Spa at the Mandarin Oriental offers treatments featuring detoxifying mud, a holistic mineral wrap, and a wrap infused with hydrating rose oil. The Four Seasons Singapore gives its guests a wide range of massage and treatment options, including traditional reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage Massage @HealingTouch.


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