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Top 5 Reasons Tui-Na Massage is Great for Babies

Massage is no longer a healthful luxury for only adults to benefit from. It is the most helpful when it is catered to the specific health condition the client is experiencing. Children and infants have experienced many similar benefits as adults, but there are some very important advantages for young ones especially. Here are the top 5 reasons you should get your baby a massage:


1. It strengthens your baby’s immune system while helping to heal current ailments.

By improving circulation, your baby’s young immune system can efficiently remove potentially problematic toxins from her blood, including the ones that may or are currently causing her ailments. These ailments can be fever, earache, cough, nausea, loss of appetite, or more. In addition, applying pressure to certain points promotes the release of neurotransmitters that actively participate in immune system activities. The key to prevention from any major health concerns is to address minor issues with regular massage sessions.


2. The improved circulation to the brain helps with brain development.

Paired with a stimulating and educational environment and secure relationships with his parents, a child’s intellectual abilities can be heightened greatly with Tui-Na massage. By promoting healthy circulation, the brain receives the nourishment it needs to process your baby’s surroundings and boost his thirst for knowledge starting at his young age. Autistic children can also benefit in terms of sensory perception, focus, and hyperactivity.


baby massage3. The improved circulation to the muscular and skeletal systems.

As your baby grows and learns to move on her own, massage can help support her physical ability to do so. This promotes good motor coordination and keeps her muscles in great shape. Your baby’s progression from crawling to walking and running will be smoother and perhaps even quicker with the help of this added circulation.


4. This massage aids in proper digestion.

Research has shown that Tui-Na can promote healthy digestion. Infantile diarrhea is one of the particular conditions that was remedied in the majority of children given the massage. Naturally, constipation and gas is also addressed effectively, since the improved circulation promotes regular movement in the intestines. Additionally, appetite can be stimulated through massage if you find your baby is not eating as well as he should.


5. Tui-Na massage has been shown to cause significant improvements in mood and sleep behaviors.

It can reduce anxiety, hyperactivity, and insomnia and most children. Your baby will be able to sleep well through the night and experience much less distress after regular massage sessions. Bed-wetting and nightmares can therefore also be alleviated. Much like adults, your baby will be much happier after such healthful pampering.

As you can see, Tui-Na massage is highly advantageous for children and infants, especially those that may be prone to frequent illness. For more information about Tui-Na massage and how great it is for babies, you should visit

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Types of Chinese Herbs Used in Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage is one of the ways our body maintains a healthy immune system and efficient immune system response. The lymphatic system is a network of ducts and vessels that transfer various antibodies and white blood cells to the rest of the body. The ability of these duct and vessels – or lymph nodes – to transport is reduced by a number of possible factors, including: fatigue, inactivity, stress, chemical additives, infection, food additives, age, and heredity. Lymphatic drainage can help flush your body of these things, as well as reduce menstrual cramps, hayfever, cellulite, sinusitis, and water retention.



Chinese Herbs Used in Lymphatic Drainage

The Chinese have been practising lymphatic drainage since around 1587, when a Chinese physician named Gong Tingxian (龚廷贤) published a book with various formula recipes all created to cleanse the lymphatic system. Depending on the location of the body, the Tingxian identified different types of phlegm and fluid that move through that part of the lymphatic system. Tingxian created his formulas to address wind and demons – which, in his day, were thought to be the two main disease-causing agents within the body.







Tingxian’s favoured herbs were hoelen, pinellia, citrus, ginger, magnolia bark, atractylodes, and cardamom, and saussurea. Other Chinese herbs used in traditional lymphatic cleanses include arisaema and cyperus. 

The herbs that Tingxian used to treat wind and demons are the same herbs used today to cleanse the lymphatic system. 

Hoelen is a wood-decay fungus – and is often referred to as a mushroom – that resembles a small coconut. The citrus types Tingxian used in his lymphatic formulas include: chih-shih, chih-ko, and blue citrus. Saussurea is a perennial flower characterised by its woolly purple bristles. The plant grows in China’s cooler, more temperate climates. Pinellia, commonly referred to as the “Green Dragon” because of the shape of its leaves, is an indispensable element in Chinese medicine as a cough and phlegm suppressant.

The green cardamoms used by Tingxian in his lymphatic-clearing formulas are used elsewhere in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat gum and tooth infections, cure throat ailments, and treat lung congestion and tuberculosis. The magnolia bark exploited by Tingxian and other traditional Chinese physicians is derived from a magnolia tree that grows along mountains and in valleys at altitudes of 300 meters to 1500 meters in China. To prepare the herb, the bark is stripped from the tree’s branches, stems, and roots. The bark carries a heavy aroma and is able to treat various ailments relating to anxiety and the body’s vessels.


Massage Therapists in Singapore

The best massage therapists in Singapore can be found both in rural and urban locations of the country. One of the most massage treatment facilities in Singapore is Spaboutique, which offers anything from facials, hair treatment, and lymphatic massage, to more specialised treatments like their signature Quantum Raindrop Therapy Ritual. The Oriental Spa at the Mandarin Oriental offers treatments featuring detoxifying mud, a holistic mineral wrap, and a wrap infused with hydrating rose oil. The Four Seasons Singapore gives its guests a wide range of massage and treatment options, including traditional reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage Massage @HealingTouch.


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