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How to Get the Minimum Daily Exercise and Nutrition in Your Life Without Even Trying


Screen-Shot-2012-12-28-at-12.37.56-PMThe easiest way to get the minimum amount of nutrition and exercise you need daily is to make small changes that will have a huge impact.


Friends Having Lunch Together At HomeSimple Substitutions
Instead of having a full-fat dressing on your salad, opt for a low fat alternative. If you’re having a sandwich for lunch, have a whole wheat wrap instead of white or wheat bread. A four ounce beef patty is approximately 300 calories while the same size turkey patty is half that at 150 calories. These small changes can cut hundreds of calories per day from your meals. It’s one of the simplest ways to make a change.

Before meals, have a glass of water. You’ll be hydrating your body while filling your stomach, so you don’t eat as much. Have water at meals and drop the sugar-filled sodas completely. Most sodas have about 200 calories per drink. If you sip cola throughout the day, most of your daily calories are coming from those sugars.

portion-controlPortion Control
It helps to reduce your portions when you want to lose weight or stay healthy. Snacks should be measured before you start eating, so you can stay within acceptable limits. When you eat directly from the bag, you can go beyond the correct portions. Use smaller plates since it fools your eye into thinking there’s plenty of food.
Some fibres examples in a every day food

High Fiber and High Protein
Foods with high fiber and high protein will keep you full longer. While salads are great for diets, they can often leave you feeling dissatisfied and hungry. That will lead to snacking disasters. Low blood sugars can leave you shaky and willing to eat anything in the refrigerator.


Woman walking cross country and trail in spring forest

Walk More
You can be more active without joining a gym or doing workout videos in your living room. It’s easy to add exercise into your life if you look for ways to do it. Walking 15 minutes each day will go a long way towards increasing your overall health and well-being as well as keeping your diet on track.

Tricks to Walking 
There are things you can do to trick yourself into walking more without it feeling like a chore. When you park at the mall, don’t cruise around until a spot finally opens closer to the door. You can park at the back of the lot and walk to the front door. If you must go to a higher floor, take the stairs instead of using the elevator. At the mall, make sure you hit all the stores on each floor to increase your walking goal for the day. Call it window shopping, and you’ll do it more often.

House-Cleaning-TipsHouse Cleaning
You most likely clean your house every single day. This can turn into a workout if you dance while doing your chores. Mopping and vacuuming can become an all-over body workout if you twist and turn, bend and flex or lunge and squat while doing it.

You can look for a variety of activities or substitute certain foods if you want to learn how to stay healthy with a minimal amount of effort. You have to make a conscious decision to add exercise and good nutrition into your routine, but it doesn’t have to mean a ton of effort.

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How To Stay Healthy In The Office

Your office is a breeding ground for germs. That is why if one person in the office gets sick, then everyone else in the office could very easily get sick. The good news is that there are a number of things that you can do to keep yourself well while working inside of the office. Below are some tips for staying healthy even in the best offices:


Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands is one of the most effective things that you can do to prevent germs from spreading. You will need to wash your hands in warm water with antibacterial soap for a minimum of 20 seconds. If you frequently come in contact with people, then you should make sure that you keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you.


Disinfect Your Working Area

Your keyboard, desk and mouse could be making you sick. They could possibly be infected with viruses and bacteria. You will need to disinfect your working area at least once a day.


Keep Your Self Hydrated

It is very important for you to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water helps detoxify your body, and it also helps improve your physical and mental performance. You should drink a minimum of eight cups of water while you are at the office.


Eat Healthy

A bad diet could weaken your immune system, which could make you more susceptible to developing illnesses. That is why you should make sure that you eat healthy. Furthermore, you may want to consider bringing some healthy snacks to work. Snacking can help boost your energy and improve your concentration. Nuts, raw vegetables and granola bars are examples of healthy snacks.


Sleep Well

Sleep is essential for good health. It helps improve your concentration and memory. Sleep also gives your body a chance to heal itself naturally. If you do not get enough sleep at night, then you could very quickly feel the effects of it. You need to get seven to nine hours of sleep at night.

Many people are looking for new office ideas (see HERE) while others simply want to know how they can stay healthy in the office. Fortunately, staying healthy in the office does not have to be a challenge. Eating healthy, sleeping well, washing your hands and keeping yourself hydrated will greatly reduce your chances of developing an illness. You also need to make sure that you disinfect your desk at least once a day.

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