How to Choose Comfortable Shoes for Flat Foot?

Living with flat feet can be very difficult. The typical shoes available to average consumers are not going to work for you. Generic shoes can leave you with aching feet, blisters and pain that makes walking a chore. There are shoes available that will not cause pain. You should know how to choose comfortable shoes for your flat feet.




Good Arch Support

The most important thing to look for in flat foot shoes is good arch support. This is the portion of the shoe under the centre of your foot. You want the arch support in your shoes to be solid. This will help to support your flat feet while you are walking or running. It also reduces pain when walking by artificially creating the shape of a normal foot. Good arch support is critical for maximum comfort.




Extra Space above the Toe

If you have flat feet, then you are going to need additional space inside of your shoe to remain comfortable while walking or running. You might want to start trying wide shoes as you get older because your foot is going to expand more than people who have normal arches. You also want to choose a shoe size that allows a little extra space above your big toe. You want around the width of your thumb extra in the shoe.




Straight Sole

You want to turn the shoes you are looking at over and examine the construction of the sole. Many types of shoes today actually have a slight curve in the centre that is designed to match the areas of pressure created by a normal foot. You need to find shoes that have a straight sole. This is also called a straight last in the industry. This is important because flat feet have a much boxier imprint than a foot with a high arch. A curved sole will put pressure on your feet that causes pain. A straight sole will be much more comfortable.


Straight Sole


Raised Insoles

You can sometimes find shoes that have raised insoles. These shoes have an overly high insole that will raise the arches of your feet up higher than normal. Raised insoles can actually be incredibly good if you have flat feet. If you are constantly in pain when wearing normal shoes, then raised insoles can provide that little bit of extra support your feet need. Raised insoles are a good option if just extra arch support and a straight sole are not enough.




Minimal or No Heels

You want to choose shoes that have minimal or no heels. Shoes that have high and narrow heels will cause great pain and discomfort for people with flat feet. They can sometimes cause permanent damage to your foot, heel and bones. You want to choose shoes that do not have any significant heel beyond what you normally see. If there is a heel, then it should be less than 5 centimetres tall for maximum comfort.




Look For Good Laces on the Shoe

When dealing with a flat foot you need to make certain that the shoe is firmly secured in place. Extra space around the toe is important but you do not want to have a shoe that allows your foot to slide around in all directions. You want to always look for shoes that have good laces for this reason. A full set of laces will allow you to adjust the tightness of the shoe so that you can get a comfortable fit every time.


Having flat feet does not mean that you are destined to always be in pain while you are walking or running. Manufacturers are making shoes today for all types of feet and all types of activities. Choose your next pair of shoes carefully to ensure you find the most comfortable fit possible for your flat feet.