Korean Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin

Your skin care is your #1 beauty secret, therefore, your regimen plays a huge role in whether you achieve a healthy glow or not. The key to Korean skin care is stacking. By doing so, skin is lavished in a complete skin care treatment designed to elevate your skin on every level for maximum results. If you suffer from dull skin, dry skin or other skin issues, try these Korean skin care tips to see if they help.


Step 1: Begin With an Oil Based Cleanser

It is important to remove all makeup before going to bed, in order to avoid a build-up of dirt and impurities which can lead to breakouts and other skin issues, not to mention, stain your pillow. To begin, soak a cotton pad with makeup remover, or use a cleansing cloth to remove your makeup. Follow up with an oil based cleanser to further remove makeup and arise to fresh, glowing skin.

Step 2: Water-Based Cleanser

To start your day, simply incorporate a water-based cleanser to remove your oil cleanse and remaining impurities.



Step 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and debris, leaving you with a polished complexion, which makes it easier for your skin care products to penetrate and perform their duties. Twice a week, gently massage or tap an exfoliant into your skin for smooth, soft skin.



Step 4: Incorporate Toner

A toner, such as Hada Labo, helps balance your skin’s pH and provides your skin with a touch of hydration to better absorb your skin care products. It is harder to re-hydrate your skin when it is hard and dry as opposed to when it is already damp. Simply place a few drops of toner onto a cotton pad and gently apply all over the skin, or sprinkle toner into your hands and gently tap into your skin for softer, hydrated skin.



Step 5: Essence

Essence, such as the Missha First Treatment Essence, serves a dual purpose for your skin. It acts like a toner and serum hybrid designed to hydrate and aid in skin repair and cell turnover. To use, simply apply to freshly toned skin, using your hands, then pat it in to absorb.



Step 6: Treatment Products

Serums, boosters and ampoules address a number of skin issues such as pore-refining, pigmentation, brightening, acne and wrinkles etc. Think of it as your skin perfecting step. To apply, simply tap into the skin in the same manner as the essence.



Step 7: Sheet Masks

Sheet masks provide a quiet, meditative way to impart maximum nourishment and treatment into your skin. One or two times per week, apply a sheet mask to your skin and relax for 15-20 minutes for nourished skin.




Step 8: Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is delicate and much deserving of added moisture and protection. To apply eye cream, use your ring finger to very gently tap the cream into the entire eye area, including the orbital bone and avoiding the water line, to give your eyes the pampering they deserve.


Step 9: Moisturize

Dewy, glowing skin is yours with the right moisturizer. They come in many different forms including cream, gel, lotions and emulsions. Finding the correct moisturizer is crucial to protecting your skin. Day and night, pat a moisturizer all over the face and neck to keep skin hydrated, protected and to seal in other products.


Step 10: Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most crucial thing you can do to protect against premature aging, even if you are only stepping outside for just few minutes. Apply and reapply every morning and throughout the day as your final step to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.