Male Pattern Baldness


16-112813-why_men_go_baldMany men are prone to suffering from hair loss due to hereditary factors and age. The hair follicles tend to get smaller over time, which can cause the hair to appear thinner or stop growing. Fortunately, there are various treatments that are available due to scientific advancements that help to restore the follicles that are present on the top and the back of the head.


There are a variety of different shampoos that are available for those who suffer from hair loss. Many of the shampoos contain Minoxidil, which is a common ingredient in Rogain and is proven to combat alopecia. This helps to slow hair loss and promotes new hair growth when it’s massaged into the scalp each day. Two-thirds of men experience proven results with the use of hair-loss shampoos.


Propecia is one of the most prescribed medications for hair loss for men and works by increasing the time that the follicle continues to grow while shortening the rest time. One milligram of Propecia is taken daily and it helps to prevent the testosterone from forming DHT for a medication that can be used long-term. It can also be used in conjunction with hair replacement surgery for the best results. This drug is FDA-approved and is considered to be safe to use for several years.

Hair-Transplant-Procedure1Hair Replacement Surgery

Many people often choose to have hair replacement surgery when other hair loss treatment options have not proven to be successful. The surgery offers immediate results by transplanting hair follicles from other areas on the body. Four hairs are planted close together for results that are more natural, which can benefit those who suffer from spot baldness where only certain areas on the head are affected.

Scalp reduction is another consideration by cutting out the areas on the scalp that have experienced balding. This helps to reduce the amount of area that is balding. This is ideal for both men and women who have experienced hair loss for several years with stabilized results that have slowed down. This also allows the individual to have a more neutral hairline that does not recede.

Hair transplant surgeries have advanced in the last decade and allow the individual to have natural results that do not appear doll-like or artificial.

cf928d0dd40e3503f6ebfbb0a0bd6488Hair Cloning

Hair cloning is just beginning to emerge and is becoming more available to those who suffer from male pattern baldness. The duplication process involves taking follicular stem cells and placing them in follicle-inducing implants. Sonic hedgehog is another option that will be more available in the future, which works to convert resting hair into hair that begins to grow again. This method directly controls the follicle size and growth to ensure that the hair regrows at a steady rate and is restored.

Laser combs are FDA-approved and allows adults to receive treatment without drugs or surgery. This stimulates the hair follicles with a low-level laser for increased hair volume that develops over time.