How to Get the Minimum Daily Exercise and Nutrition in Your Life Without Even Trying


Screen-Shot-2012-12-28-at-12.37.56-PMThe easiest way to get the minimum amount of nutrition and exercise you need daily is to make small changes that will have a huge impact.


Friends Having Lunch Together At HomeSimple Substitutions
Instead of having a full-fat dressing on your salad, opt for a low fat alternative. If you’re having a sandwich for lunch, have a whole wheat wrap instead of white or wheat bread. A four ounce beef patty is approximately 300 calories while the same size turkey patty is half that at 150 calories. These small changes can cut hundreds of calories per day from your meals. It’s one of the simplest ways to make a change.

Before meals, have a glass of water. You’ll be hydrating your body while filling your stomach, so you don’t eat as much. Have water at meals and drop the sugar-filled sodas completely. Most sodas have about 200 calories per drink. If you sip cola throughout the day, most of your daily calories are coming from those sugars.

portion-controlPortion Control
It helps to reduce your portions when you want to lose weight or stay healthy. Snacks should be measured before you start eating, so you can stay within acceptable limits. When you eat directly from the bag, you can go beyond the correct portions. Use smaller plates since it fools your eye into thinking there’s plenty of food.
Some fibres examples in a every day food

High Fiber and High Protein
Foods with high fiber and high protein will keep you full longer. While salads are great for diets, they can often leave you feeling dissatisfied and hungry. That will lead to snacking disasters. Low blood sugars can leave you shaky and willing to eat anything in the refrigerator.


Woman walking cross country and trail in spring forest

Walk More
You can be more active without joining a gym or doing workout videos in your living room. It’s easy to add exercise into your life if you look for ways to do it. Walking 15 minutes each day will go a long way towards increasing your overall health and well-being as well as keeping your diet on track.

Tricks to Walking 
There are things you can do to trick yourself into walking more without it feeling like a chore. When you park at the mall, don’t cruise around until a spot finally opens closer to the door. You can park at the back of the lot and walk to the front door. If you must go to a higher floor, take the stairs instead of using the elevator. At the mall, make sure you hit all the stores on each floor to increase your walking goal for the day. Call it window shopping, and you’ll do it more often.

House-Cleaning-TipsHouse Cleaning
You most likely clean your house every single day. This can turn into a workout if you dance while doing your chores. Mopping and vacuuming can become an all-over body workout if you twist and turn, bend and flex or lunge and squat while doing it.

You can look for a variety of activities or substitute certain foods if you want to learn how to stay healthy with a minimal amount of effort. You have to make a conscious decision to add exercise and good nutrition into your routine, but it doesn’t have to mean a ton of effort.

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Korean Skincare-How To Use The Missha First Treatment Essence

Steps to Flawless Skin The Korean Method




Improving the foundation of our skin is the reason why we ladies seek out the right products and pursue good habits, such as drinking plenty of water and green tea. We keep check of our sun exposure by using SPF infused moisturizers and make sure we are getting our proper amount of sleep at night. With the right products, we can even out skin tone, get rid of blotchiness, reduce dark circles under the eyes, say goodbye to acne, wrinkles and even lessen the appearance of scars. Living in times of such magnificent scientific advancements in cutting-edge skin care products, we are sometimes overwhelmed with what to do, with what product and when to do it.Hada Labo has established it’s product line as a leader in Asian skincare since 2004, and offers a complete line of products to guide your through your skincare ritual with ease and confidence.


hada labo series

Hada Labo product lines


Crucial First Steps to Beautiful Skin

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly using the “double cleanse” method. Start with an oil-based cleanser to wash or wipe away make-up followed by a water-based foaming cleanser, using lukewarm water and a soft circular motion with a terry cloth towel.


double cleanse


  • Exfoliate dead skin that has collected using a natural scrub. Focus on problem areas like blackheads and enlarged pores. Don’t overdo this step – two or three times per week may be sufficient.
  • Next comes the toner, avoid those products that are full of alcohol and choose the one formulated for your skin type and has hydrating properties. Think of toners as removing residual oil and impurities, rather than tightening the skin.
  • Adding an essence like Missha First Treatment Essence to the skin is one of the most important parts of the Korean beauty regime. An essence is a highly enriched lightweight formula applied to the entire face for the specific purpose of brightening, anti-aging or combating problem areas like acne or dark spots.


misha essence

Missha First Treatment Essence


Catapult Your Skin to Heights

  • Creating the hauntingly, flawless skin that is common to Asians culture requires more than the basic steps of cleaning and spot treatments. Here is where you add the thicker, more potent formulas of a serum. Usually packaged in single application droplets, serums are vitamin rich and concentrated with anti-aging ingredients. Only a thin layer should be before any moisturizer is applied.
  • facial maskA couple times a week, use a facial mask to detox the skin and draw out impurities. A facial mask adds deep cleansing benefits and leaves your skin glowing.
  • Add an intensive eye cream to your nightly routine to reduce puffiness and eliminate fine lines and dark circles. The skin around the eyes is thinner and more fragile than the rest of your face, so special care goes a long way to prevent undereye skin dryness and loss of elasticity.


Finishing Touch To Your Skincare Routine

  • Infuse the moisture back into facial skin that was removed in the two step cleansing process. Apply a lightweight emulsion based moisturizer in a circular motion to massage and the stimulate the skin.
  • Just before bed, lather on a creamy nighttime moisturizer and allow it to work overnight. Locking in that moisture means healthy glowing skin at the break of dawn.


By using the skincare techniques developed by the lovely Asian women through the years, you too, can have flawless, breathtaking skin.

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Bumps after Hair Removal: Tips to Care for Your Skin


Hair growth is normally genetic and the hair can grow anywhere on the body relentlessly of where a person may not want them to grow. Permanent hair removal of hair on body parts that you wish to maintain hairless can be quite time consuming and a person may experience some pain. The normal shaving of hair, using razors or creams are way much faster and comfortable to use. Nevertheless, they do not offer a permanent solution, and hair will be growing again in 3 or 4 days.

Permanent hair removal will not only leave you hairless, but will also at times come with redness, ingrown hair, breakouts, bumps and more. This should not hinder your quest for a hairless body part. Getting informed on ways that you can prevent such problems will give you an upper hand in staying hair-free.

1. Exfoliate before shaving

Before you remove unwanted hair, it is always a good deal to scrap off dead skin cells for various reasons. It aids in removing oil and dirt that would otherwise make their way into the skin surface once you are through with waxing. The skin is normally in a state that it is more vulnerable and dirt or oil can make it become irritated. Exfoliating in a lighter manner also makes the hair to point up in order to be grabbed and removed with ease.

2. Apply some heat

Supposing you are not exfoliating, you can take a warm shower or else dip a soft washcloth in warm water, squeeze the water out and wipe the part you want to shave. The warmth helps to open the pores on the skin and soften it. This allows hair to come out in an easier manner. This reduces the pain to be experienced as well as the irritation brought about by waxing.

3. Fight the bump

Visit your health practitioner and ask for referrals on good skin products that you can use to eliminate the bump.

4. Try another therapist

It is very likely that you may be having bumps and experiencing pain and itchiness because your therapist is using products that are not in line with your skin or hair type. Getting a larger spa or salon will offer you a wide variety that will probably suit your skin.

Benefits of visiting an Aesthetician

Medical facials is one of the treatments that is highly regarded by beauty gurus. The following facts should convince you to visit an aesthetic doctor in Malaysia.
• Unique from spa facials

An aesthetic doctor in Malaysia will first analyze the type of your skin and come up with some customized treatment as per your skin.

• Applies to all skin types and ages

You will be evaluated to determine the kind of products that suit you, your age and skin type will be put into consideration.

• Comprise of several treatments

Upon evaluation, the aesthetician will come up with a skin care treatment aimed at addressing your specific problem. He or she will choose among extractions, chemical peels, laser, and skin regeneration facials among many others.

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7 Exercises to Prevent ACL Injury

acl tearThe human knee is composed of three separate bones that function together to provide a wide range of flexible movements that make many activities possible. The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, runs through the center of the knee joint to connect these bones. Injuries of the ACL often occur and are accompanied by pain on walking, swelling of the knee and problems with range of motion in the knee.

Keeping your anterior cruciate ligament strong can help to avoid these injuries. Here are seven exercises you can do to prevent ACL problems:


1.Leg Lunges

Stand with both legs together and hands on hips. Step your left leg back and bend your right knee over the right ankle. Straighten and bend the knee slowly to maximize the strengthening effect. Repeat 10 times and change to the other leg.


2.Walking Lunges

Once you have mastered the stationary lunge comfortably, you can add walking movement to the exercise to provide an additional workout for the ACL. Remember to do the walking lunges very slowly to maximize the strengthening to the supporting muscles and ligaments of the knee.



3.The bridge stretch

Lie on your back and walk your feet toward your torso until they are under the level of your knees. Extend your arms along the floor with palms downward. Push down on the soles of your feet, raising your hips upward and lifting your chest. Hold for 20 seconds and then walk your feet back out and relax. Repeat 10 times.


bridge stretch


4.Bridge with leg lift

This exercise combines the bridge position described above with a leg lift. First, the left leg is raised to the ceiling and held for 20 counts. Drop the leg to the original position and raise the other leg. Hold for 20 counts. Add 10 counts daily until you reach a full minute for each leg.


5.The moving warrior

Stand with legs about one leg’s distance apart with the feet parallel. Pivot the right foot to a 90-degree angle, lining the right heel up with the left arch that is some distance away. Lift the navel toward your chin for additional stretch. Bend the right knee and hold for 10 breaths. Then, straighten the leg and pivot the left foot. Repeat the exercise.


6.Reclining leg raises

Lying on the floor, support your back on your forearms. Bend the left leg, keeping the foot on the floor. Raise the right leg upwards, level with the opposite leg’s knee. Bend and hold the leg 25 times. Lower the leg and repeat on the opposite side.


reclining leg raises


7 .Leg slides

Lie on your back on the floor with legs rest upward on the wall. Cross your ankles and bend the knees slightly. Slide your heels up and down the wall 20 times. Reverse cross your ankles and repeat.


wall slides


Doing these exercises on a regular basis will help to strengthen the ligaments within the knee and will prevent the common problem of ACL injury.






4. Providence Orthopaedics Singapore ACL Injury Treatment & Surgery

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Tattoo Removals Gone Wrong: Prevention Tips From an Aesthetic Doctor


It is estimated that nearly 25 percent of population in the developing countries have some sort of tattoo. Interestingly, recent surveys also acknowledge that half of those with a tattoo want to remove it using laser treatment. In the recent past, several horror stories of laser tattoo removal continued to circulate in the media. These were times when the technology was either ill-equipped to handle the task or there weren’t enough skilled professionals available.

New Trends in Tattoo Removal

Fortunately, advanced technologies for laser tattoo removals can easily clear the color pigments on the body without any side-effects. For instance, new laser technology can easily remove any tattoo by breaking the color pigments. For black tattoo, the process is even easier as black color can absorb any wavelength. As each tattoo is different, there is more than one technique that can be applied to tattoo removal. Actually, advanced methods of tattoo removal are developed to such an extent where they can also help remove tattoos that were previously missed by other treatments.

Tattoo Removal Sessions

Perhaps, the most important aspect of laser tattoo removals is finding a reputable skin specialist who has experience in the field. Unlike other medical visits, tattoo removal requires multiple visits to the medical expert, who undertakes careful evaluation of the removal process during each visit. Usually, it is not uncommon for patients to undergo ten sessions. However, some tattoos can be removed easily in two to four sessions. Irrespective of the number of visit to the healthcare facility, it is advisable that patients should not evaluate the expert based on the number of visits. Fewer visits to the facility don’t mean that the expert is better qualified for the job because it is customary for experts to allow healing time during each visit. In fact, a skin specialist promising to remove tattoo in one shot may be playing with the health of his patients. Patients should also understand that number of visits to the skin specialist also depends on the color of the skin and on the depth of pigments.

How Does it Feel?

Advanced methods such as laser treatments require minimal preparation. On the day of tattoo removal, patients are given an eye shield to protect any damage from the laser. In addition, the specialist will check skin reaction to razor ensuring that adequate frequency is applied to the skin. Usually, a hand piece is placed against the surface of the skin. Most patients are able to tolerate the pain as it is commonly described as regular snapping of a rubber band against the skin. If the patient insists, doctors can also use anesthetic and painkiller to help ease the process. In fact, many skin specialists use some form of anesthesia to help make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Where to Seek Help?

There are many aesthetic doctors in KL, Kuala Lumpur, who can help in tattoo removal. The renowned specialist Dr Chen Tai Ho who also writes regularly on this topic in The Star newspaper. Certified by American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Malaysia Ministry of Health, he has a popular blog on tattoo removal where he provides free advice to the general public.

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3 Simple Tips For Avoiding Ankle Sprains

ankle sprains



Ankle sprains are a common injury that most individuals will experience at least once in their lives, or more if they’re an athlete. However, despite their common occurrence, ankle sprains can be debilitating. Aside from being painful and limiting your mobility, they can also cause the affected ankle to become weakened and vulnerable to future re-injury. For these reasons, it’s important to be aware of what you can do to prevent a sprained ankle.


Wear the Right Shoes

high heels ankle sprainsWearing the wrong shoes is the most common cause of ankle sprains. High heels are particularly likely to cause this. They not only hold the foot and ankle in an unnatural and unstable position but also provide insufficient surface area at the heel, which makes you more likely to lose your balance. The shoes you wear should always be designed for the particular activity you’re engaging in. For instance, while hiking over uneven terrain, wearing hiking boots with a high top will stabilise your ankles and keep you from injuring them. Furthermore, be sure to tie your shoes securely. Tripping over shoelaces can also lead to ankle sprains.


Warm Up Before Exercising

Many ankle sprains occur during sports or exercise. While these are usually accidents that are not entirely preventable, you can take steps to minimise your risk of injury. Prior to engaging in any vigorous physical activity that involves use of the ankles, it’s essential to warm up with some gentle stretching that targets these areas. This promotes blood flow to the ankles and loosens up the ligaments, allowing them to move more freely and preventing them from tightening up in the middle of your routine. After stretching, do some light physical activity, like a brisk walk, for about five minutes. Once you’re finished with your routine, don’t just kick back and call it a day. It’s a little-known fact that you should stretch again afterward. This helps to further prevent the ligaments and muscles in your ankles from bunching up, which could cause you to injure them during everyday activity.


easy warm up before workout


It’s also important to note that you should avoid performing any activity that you’re not conditioned for. For instance, going for a run or playing soccer when you haven’t trained for it can put too much strain on ill-prepared ankles, significantly increasing your chances of serious injury.


Taping and Ankle Braces

If you’ve sprained your ankle in the past and struggle with ankle weakness as a result, you may wish to consider taping the ankle or investing in a supportive brace. These methods can provide essential support to the affected ankle while allowing you to resume your regular athletic activities. However, taping and supports are not recommended for long-term use. Doing so will prevent the muscles of the ankle from becoming stronger, thereby making future injury more likely.


How to tape an ankle

Sprains are painful injuries that can prevent you from doing the things you enjoy most. While you can’t always prevent a sprained ankle, if you follow these simple tips, you can minimise your risk considerably. Consult treatment for sprained ankle at Providence Orthopaedics.




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Beautifying Your Breasts? Here’s How to Do It Naturally – Before You See The Doctors

For women, body care is usually a big deal. Those who don’t have the time to care for their body are either lucky and their body stands up well to the effects of aging or they are aging at a much faster rate, and they may not even realize it. If it’s the latter case, then there are a few things that can be done to increase the beauty of the female body. For each woman, the area of the body that will be affected the most is different. When this area is the breasts, women will no doubt want to do everything they can to improve them. There are a few methods that work that women can try.



One of the most important habits is to wear bras. They should be worn anytime when you are not sleeping. A well-fitting bra takes weight off of the neck and shoulders and makes it easy for you to practice good posture.



Use A Firming Cream

Breast firming creams are gaining in popularity due to how effective they have proven to be. There are some truly delightful creams, but the main ingredients that make them effective can be purchased and mixed with lotion or oil and massaged into the breasts two or three times a week. Just a couple of drops of the following essential oils can be mixed with a sufficient amount of almond, grapeseed or olive oil and massaged into the breasts weekly:

Carrot oil
Cypress oil
Fennel oil
Lemongrass oil
Spearmint oil




These can also be mixed with Shea butter and massaged into the breasts.

One of the best times to massage the breasts may be at night when you are lying in bed before you go to sleep. This may be the easiest time for you to remember to do it, but really it can be done any time of the day or night just as long as you don’t plan to bathe or swim immediately after because you want the oils to have a chance to work. In fact, wearing a bra immediately after doing this massage has added benefits; this being said, you wouldn’t want to do it at night because it is best not to sleep with a bra.



Ice Firming Treatment

This method helps firm up the breasts quickly and has lasting effects. Massage each breast with an ice cube in a slow circular motion. Make sure you massage the entire breast. Then put your bra on and lean back or lie down for some time.




Breast Mask

Finally, there is the breast mask. Some breast firming creams work like a breast mask, but this one can be made at home. All you have to do is mix one egg yolk with a ground cucumber, then add some cream or butter. Mix the ingredients to form a cream, and apply the mask to your breasts covering them completely. Leave on for about 20 minutes.


The breasts benefit from cold temperatures as cellular movement is slowed down significantly, so whenever you can be in a cold environment or apply cool breast firming creams or masks and massage with ice cubes, or cold lotion you are improving the beauty and firmness of your breasts.

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5 Diet Tips to Transform Your Body


All the exercise in the world can’t overcome a poor diet. Your body must be given plenty of nutrients from the food you eat each day. Exercise will help you transform your body, but the diet is the most important part. If you want sculpted abs and toned legs, then you must pay attention to what you are eating. Follow these five diet tips to transform your body.

1. Drink More Water

In order to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you burn each day. Drinking water is a great start, since it has zero calories. Drinking water helps your body stay hydrated so that it won’t hold on to too much water weight. And you’ll eat less, since water fills up your stomach and quenches your thirst.

2. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods usually have far too much sodium and sugar. Sodium causes your body to retain more water, and it also raises your blood pressure to unhealthy levels. When you eat less sodium, you will naturally feel less bloated. Eating too much sugar tricks your body into eating more food that you really don’t need. High fructose corn syrup has proven to lead to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and a host of other problems.

3. Eat More Fish

Cold water, fatty fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids. Our bodies cannot make these fatty acids naturally without help. So we must get through from food. Be sure to include plenty of tuna, salmon, and mackerel in your diet. You should aim to eat fish two to three times per week. But you could also consider fish oil supplements if you don’t enjoy eating fish.

4. Fruit for the Sweet Tooth

Fruits are naturally sweet and satisfying. All sugars are bad in excess, but fruits contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that make them worthwhile. You’ll need to eat fruit to get vitamin A, vitamin C, and a host of other important nutrients. Your body can’t function properly without these vitamins, so be sure to stock up on fruit when you go to the store.

5. Oatmeal for Breakfast

Oatmeal is a fantastic breakfast food. You get fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals from oatmeal. And you won’t eat a ton of sugar, sodium, or calories unless you add stuff that you’re not supposed to add. Eating a good breakfast that includes oatmeal can help you avoid overeating the rest of the day. And it can help you keep a steady blood sugar level. Learn more at London Weight Management Malaysia

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Helpful Tips on Lossing Weight with the Best Yoga Asanas


The search for the best yoga asanas for weight loss has in the last few years increased. This art has developed from the traditional poses which involved sitting in a still yet firm position for hours on end.


The basic practices still remain the same and they include starting out on an empty stomach and controlling your breathing. The body should be moved to position slowly to avoid straining a muscle. One should also not exert force on the body while practicing these poses.


These poses include tadasana which is putting your feet together, pushing your pelvic bone forward and raising your hands up in a tree like pose. Uttanasa involves that one bends forward, it focuses on the hamstring to burn calories in the body. In the uttanasa you should focus on making a upside down v shape with your body.


The triangle pose involves one hand on the ground supporting the rest of your body in a straight line facing forwards. Once you are comfortable in that position lift your other hand to the skies. Repeat the same position with the other hand supporting your weight.


Bhujangasana helps build muscle mass on your shoulders and arms as well as thighs. Lie flat on your tummy and with the top of your feet facing the floor, slowly lift your head, shoulders and chest up in cobra-like stance. Hold this position for a couple of breaths.


Sethu bandhasa requires you on your back with your feet folded and nearly touching your rear. Slowly raise your pelvic bone to the sky and position your hands under your back. Hold this position for a couple of breaths with your back fully arched bridge-like.


One of the easiest poses to hold is virabhdrasana. This is where on holds a warrior stance with both arms outstretched facing towards one direction and one knee bent in a ninety degree angle and the other parallel to the ground. Change positions to face the other side.


The best yoga asanas for weight loss help you focus on how you feel. You should also concentrate on the muscles that are been challenged and take care not to exert yourself to the point of pain. These poses can be practiced at any age, for more information contact a physiotherapist, or visit London Weight Management Malaysia



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Using Botox in a V-Shape Face Treatment – No Cuts and Scars!

In Singapore, body contouring is a popular beauty option for men and women wanting to change the shape of their face, mid-section, arms, or legs. The visual proportions of a V-shaped face have become increasingly popular in Singapore in recent years in particular. A V-shape face treatment is characterised by high, tight cheekbones and a small chin.

V-shape surgeries and cosmetic procedures aim to eliminate or greatly reduce the appearance of a double chin, soften the wrinkles and crow’s feet that accumulate around the eyes, smooth out scarring, and tighten the skin around the cheekbones.


Getting the V-Shape with Surgery

Generally speaking, there are two ways that surgeons help their clients obtain a V-shaped face. Some aestheticians elect to perform a surgery on their patient where they cut and restructure the jawbones into a V-shape. Although this particular procedure leaves very little superficial scarring, it is very invasive and expensive. And, depending on how much restructuring needs to be done, the recovery process can last several months.


The V-Shape Face and Botox

People looking to avoid jawbone reduction surgery should consider V-face treatment that uses Botox injections and filler to achieve the right look. The benefits of avoiding surgery are numerous: Botox requires no cutting, nor does it leave scars. Another advantage of going the Botox route is that patients report seeing V-shaped results in as little as 3 days following the procedure.

To reduce the jawbone using Botox, the aesthetician needs to make between 3 and 6 injections on each side of the face along the patient’s jawline. These Botox injections will begin to atrophy the patient’s jaw muscle. In time, the size and appearance of the chin will be greatly reduced.

From there, the aesthetic centre in Singapore will inject the patient’s chin with artificial filler to achieve the chin and jaw shape the patient desires. Hyaluronic acid is used by the surgeon to give shape to the patient’s renovated chin.

Hyaluronic acid is an organic substance that is found in many different areas of our body. More specifically, we have hyaluronic acid in our joints and eyes, as well as in the layers of our skin. Hyaluronic acid’s organic properties make it completely safe for all contouring procedures.


Possible Side Effects with Botox

Another benefit of choosing to contour your face using a combination of Botox and hyaluronic acid is that the serious side effects associated with jawline surgery are non-existent. In fact, most patients report that the most serious side effect they suffer from the Botox injections is a light bruising near the injection sites on the chin.

Slight swelling around the cheeks and chin is also possible, though these side effects are usually very minimal and always temporary.
Nose Contouring with Hyaluronic Acid

Depending on a patient’s desires, some people choose to contour their nose with hyaluronic acid, too. The acid is injected into the bridge of the nose. Injecting the filler at the bridge of the nose allows the surgeon to more easily reshape the nose to the patient’s preferences.

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