Makeup for Beginners: The 8 Types of Makeup Brushes You Should Know

There are many types of makeup brushes, and they vary by shape, size, use and quality. It can be challenging to decide which brushes to purchase when presented with an endless array of options. Armed with a little knowledge and the right brushes, you can create any number of fantastic makeup looks.

1. The Brow Brush

To achieve the perfect brow, an angled brow brush is a must. This small brush helps to fill in sparse brows and define thick ones.

2. The Powder Brush

The powder brush is a makeup kit essential. This brush is large with a rounded tip, and is used to apply powder foundation, powder blush and setting powder.

3. The Lip Brush

The lip brush is one of the tiniest brushes. It makes lipstick application more precise and accurate, and it is especially effective when used to apply dark lip colors.

4. The Eye Blending Brush

The blending brush helps to create perfectly blended eyeshadow looks. This brush is soft, medium sized and slightly angled, and it is used on the crease of the eyelid. It can be used for everything from smoky eye looks to everyday, natural eye makeup.

5. The Angled Eye Brush

This eye brush is angled and small, and is often used to apply liquid eyeliner. It gives a precise line, and is excellent for creating a classic cat eye look.

6. The Kabuki Brush

The kabuki brush is short and fluffy, with round bristles. It is used to buff powder into the skin, which gives the skin a smooth texture and decreases the appearance of pores.

7. The Eyeshadow Brush

This classic brush is medium sized with a rounded tip. It is used to apply eyeshadow of any variety, from powder shadow to cream formulations.

8. The Concealer Brush

The concealer brush has firm bristles and a tapered edge. This sturdy brush helps to cover blemishes, under eye circles and other imperfections.

A professional makeup brush kit will include all of these brushes, as they are essential to creating a wide variety of makeup looks. For makeup beginners, however, the powder brush, the concealer brush, and the classic eye shadow brush may be the most important makeup brushes.

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Common Winter Beauty Mistakes

You’ll be surprised to learn that there are beauty mistakes being made during your daily routine that compromise your skin’s health and your look during the winter months. Follow these tips and your winter doldrums will disappear. Your days will brighten, along with your skin.




• During winters below decree weather nothing seems more comforting than a nice hot shower. As good as this may feel it is very damaging to your skin. The hot water compromises your skin’s lipid layer. This layer holds in your skin’s moisture. So, be sure to turn down the heat or take quicker showers.

• Using a nonfoaming cleanser in the winter months helps hold in your skin’s moisture.

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• Never neglect your lips. Always use a lip balm, even while inside. Stay away from lip balms with lanolin or fragrance. Look for ingredients such as almond oil and vitamin E.

• SPF is still important, even in the winter months. Just because the sun isn’t warm doesn’t mean the sun’s rays has no effect on your skin. Use a foundation or moisturizer with SPF every day of the year.

Protect your hands by using moisturizing soap and hand cream daily. Use a mild, creamy soap instead of an antibacterial soap. Antibacterial soaps have a drying effect on your hands.

• Just because sandal season is months away that is no reason to neglect your feet. Pamper your feet just as you would your hands by moisturizing them daily after showering.

Don’t forget to wear your hat. Your hair will still look great after you remove your hat if you follow these tips: if you have long straight hair make sure that it is completely dry before you put on your hat. This way your hair will not look flattened. If you have shoulder length hair, part your hair on the opposite side that you normally do and when you take off your hat part it as normal and that will bring back its volume. If you have extremely short hair simply add some styling cream or water to your fingertips and apply to the roots to revive your favorite style.

• Your eyes can water in the cold wind and bitter cold. To avoid your makeup from running wear waterproof makeup. Wearing bright lip colors will also brighten your wintery day.

These beauty tips are sure to brighten your winter days. However, you can grab this treatment offer from Shakura Malaysia to initially attempt to help you on your way to a more beautiful skin.



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New York Skin Reveals Surprisingly Easy Secrets to Gorgeous Skin

With so many notions and potions being hawked on late-night TV it is easy to be drawn into believing that all the skin needs to look great is the newest scientifically-advanced cream. However, it is crucial to understand that everything on the outside of the body starts on the inside, and this is proven by comparing how the skin of people who take care of themselves looks next to those who don’t. Here are what doctors from New York Skin say will help your skin stay gorgeous:




Protect Your Skin from the Sun

While it is important to get a little sun every day, for natural vitamin D production, years of over exposure to the sun is the surest way to achieve that dreaded wrinkled look and increase the risk of skin cancer. The simplest and best solution is to use a moisturizer with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15. Very light-skin types should use a 30 SPF.




Don’t Smoke

Smoking will cause the tiny blood vessels in the top layers of your skin to narrow and decrease blood flow, depleting the skin cells of life giving of oxygen and other nutrients. Smoking will also damage elastin and collagen, which gives skin elasticity and strength.




Wash and Dry

Limit the time spent washing and avoid harsh soaps and cleansers. Harsh detergents leach oil from the skin and will led to premature aging and wrinkles. Instead of soap, use a mild exfoliating cleanser that is free of detergents and perfumes. Clean glasses frequently to keep skin oil from building up around your nose and eyes. After washing, gently pat your skin dry, instead of rubbing, with a clean soft towel.




Eat Healthy

As the saying goes, you are what you eat and a healthy diet will help your skin looking youthful. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins will supply your body with the essential building blocks to produce collagen and elastin as well as bolstering the immune system to help fight off free radicals that can damage skin cells.




Manage Stress Levels

Excessive stress produces cortisol, and excess cortisol will inhibit immune system functioning and lead to damaged skin. Unmanaged stress can trigger acne breakouts at any age, and cause other skin issues as well. The best way to manage stress is to scale back the to-do list by learning what is urgent and what is important. Take care of what is urgent today, and leave the important stuff until tomorrow.


Next What’s Up! Why Do People Think New York Skin Solution is a Good Idea?


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How to Choose Comfortable Shoes for Flat Foot?

Living with flat feet can be very difficult. The typical shoes available to average consumers are not going to work for you. Generic shoes can leave you with aching feet, blisters and pain that makes walking a chore. There are shoes available that will not cause pain. You should know how to choose comfortable shoes for your flat feet.




Good Arch Support

The most important thing to look for in flat foot shoes is good arch support. This is the portion of the shoe under the centre of your foot. You want the arch support in your shoes to be solid. This will help to support your flat feet while you are walking or running. It also reduces pain when walking by artificially creating the shape of a normal foot. Good arch support is critical for maximum comfort.




Extra Space above the Toe

If you have flat feet, then you are going to need additional space inside of your shoe to remain comfortable while walking or running. You might want to start trying wide shoes as you get older because your foot is going to expand more than people who have normal arches. You also want to choose a shoe size that allows a little extra space above your big toe. You want around the width of your thumb extra in the shoe.




Straight Sole

You want to turn the shoes you are looking at over and examine the construction of the sole. Many types of shoes today actually have a slight curve in the centre that is designed to match the areas of pressure created by a normal foot. You need to find shoes that have a straight sole. This is also called a straight last in the industry. This is important because flat feet have a much boxier imprint than a foot with a high arch. A curved sole will put pressure on your feet that causes pain. A straight sole will be much more comfortable.


Straight Sole


Raised Insoles

You can sometimes find shoes that have raised insoles. These shoes have an overly high insole that will raise the arches of your feet up higher than normal. Raised insoles can actually be incredibly good if you have flat feet. If you are constantly in pain when wearing normal shoes, then raised insoles can provide that little bit of extra support your feet need. Raised insoles are a good option if just extra arch support and a straight sole are not enough.




Minimal or No Heels

You want to choose shoes that have minimal or no heels. Shoes that have high and narrow heels will cause great pain and discomfort for people with flat feet. They can sometimes cause permanent damage to your foot, heel and bones. You want to choose shoes that do not have any significant heel beyond what you normally see. If there is a heel, then it should be less than 5 centimetres tall for maximum comfort.




Look For Good Laces on the Shoe

When dealing with a flat foot you need to make certain that the shoe is firmly secured in place. Extra space around the toe is important but you do not want to have a shoe that allows your foot to slide around in all directions. You want to always look for shoes that have good laces for this reason. A full set of laces will allow you to adjust the tightness of the shoe so that you can get a comfortable fit every time.


Having flat feet does not mean that you are destined to always be in pain while you are walking or running. Manufacturers are making shoes today for all types of feet and all types of activities. Choose your next pair of shoes carefully to ensure you find the most comfortable fit possible for your flat feet.

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Five Beauty Secrets Women Can Use to Always Look Their Best

It isn’t easy being a woman. You are always expected to look gorgeous every time you walk out the door, but then men get upset when they have to wait for you to get ready. Most men have no idea how much work it is for women to look gorgeous, and it is impossible to try and get them to understand it. Instead of wasting your breath trying to explain it to them, you should look for ways you can look your best without expending a lot of time and effort. To that end, here is a look at five beauty treatments that will help you to look gorgeous without spending a lot of time.


1. Stop Tweezing so Much

That overly tweezed look is so out. Right now, thicker, fuller brows are where it’s at. This is a great development for busy women. Instead of wasting a lot of time tweezing, just tweeze the few stray hairs you see without wasting time agonizing over every single hair. After a quick tweeze, fill in your brows with a pencil that is one shade lighter than your natural colour. This will create a softer, natural look.




2. Body Shaper Treatments

Let’s face it, almost all of us will face periods of our lives where our bodies are not as tight and firm as we would like. We don’t always have the time and energy we need to work out hours a day to keep our bodies gorgeously shaped. Fortunately, you don’t need to have a perfect body when you use body shaper treatments. Putting them on will tighten up your figure and make you look amazing.


Body Shaper


3. Handling Cellulite

Another thing most men don’t seem to understand is that cellulite is part of being a woman, too. Even if you are a workout machine, the appearance of cellulite will happen to you at some point. When it occurs, the first step you should take is to start using creams designed to treat it. While this will work in most cases, some women may need to seek professional help to get treatments using lasers, radio-frequency devices or injectable fillers.




4. Give Yourself the Spa Treatment at Home

One of the hottest new ways to get glowing, clear skin is to use a rotating cleansing brush to wash your face. These powerful devices will open up you pores, allowing your facial cleanser to thoroughly remove the dirt, makeup and dead skin cells that are clogging your pores. Women who suffer from conditions like acne and rosacea have seen an almost instant elimination of these problems. Women who use a rotating cleaning brush will have the softest, healthiest skin of their lives.


5. Sleep

As simple as it sounds, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most powerful beauty treatments there is. There is a reason that they call it “beauty sleep.” If you want to look your best, one of the best things you can do is to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. A good night’s sleep reduces stress, and stress is one of the biggest enemies when it comes to looking good. When you get the proper rest, it will not take you so much time during the day to improve your appearance.

Woman Sleeping

If you use these five tools, you will find that you look gorgeous all the time. It really doesn’t take as much effort as you think it does to look your best. As long as you use smart moves like these five tips, you will be able to show yourself off to the world by bringing your beauty out to shine.



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Biofibre Hair Implants Could Be The Answer to Your Hair Loss


Hair implants were developed as a result of in depth medical and scientific research. The implantation process is categorised as a minor surgical procedure, which utilises artificial hair that doesn’t cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Hair implants have been determined to be completely safe. Hair implantation is a procedure that allows individuals to regain their confidence as they both look and feel completely natural, and they blend in well to give one the thick head of hair that is by all means aesthetically pleasing. Hair implants may have been developed for use in instances when a hair transplant was not suitable, such as when there is no suitable donor. In addition, many patients do not like the idea of having donated hair, and in such cases, the use of artificial hair implants is a welcome alternative.


Biofibre Hair

Biofibre hair implant procedure is recommended for both men and women. They are safe for individuals of all ages and can be done at any time. The biofibre hair implant process is categorised as a light, aesthetic, surgical procedure, which has been proven safe and effective. Through it, one can go back to having a full head of natural hair and regain their youthful look whether they are male or female. The raw materials that are used in the production of biofibre are completely harmless. Biofibre hairs are also approved by the CE and FDA for medical use; these are the bodies that approve medical equipment, medical drugs, etc. Nevertheless, a biofibre tolerance test is performed on the patient by a qualified doctor experienced in the implant procedure and familiar with the special implant instruments necessary to carry out the procedure correctly to bring about positive, long-lasting results.


With this procedure, you can have a full head of hair in a few hours through a simple, quick, reversible and painless outpatient procedure. Moreover, the procedure allows the patient to lead an active, sporty lifestyle quite soon after the implant process. It also allows for progressive and gradual hair thickening, which is economically affordable. Having this type of hair does not require burdensome care to maintain its quality and appearance. Many surgical procedures are irreversible, but biofibre hair implants are different as they can be removed at the roots when desired. What’s more? This implant procedure can be performed alone or in combination with other surgical or medical treatments safely.


Disadvantages Of The Biofibre Implant Procedure

After the initial procedure, some small reimplants may be necessary to ensure you have a perfect and full head of hair. In addition, the scalp needs to be kept extremely clean at all times to ensure the quality and appearance of your hair. Although the procedure is quick and proven safe, it is not recommended for patients who prove to be sensitive during the preimplant test or those who suffer from scalp problems or diseases.

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4 Food Types You Can Eat to Increase Weight Loss and Improve Well-Being

Maintaining a healthy body mass is an idea with which just about everyone can relate. After many decades of promoting of popular crash diets that do not work and unrealistic or unhealthy body ideals, it seems our society is finally returning to its senses. Using food to increase your fat-burning power while building and keeping lean muscle, improving every aspect of your life, and promoting a deep sense of well-being has become a central focus for many weight loss programs. Here are four foods that you can put to work for you. The benefits of these fat burning, metabolism boosting foods is that they are common, relatively inexpensive, and easy to incorporate into your existing pattern of life.


1. Beans and Legumes

These little powerhouses tend to get a bad reputation. However, they contain enormous amounts of high-quality plant proteins and phytonutrients that act in a number of ways. They regulate blood glucose, triglycerides or fat in your blood, and mitigate cardiovascular disease factors.


Their high fibre content aides in digestion, and also acts to help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Medical science asserts that such foods with a low glycemic index (GI) as part of an overall diet effectively boost your body’s metabolism and reduce the likelihood of storing unused energy as fat.


2. Dark Leafy Greens

These are a part of supporting your immune health in order to make your body more effective at fat burning. Dark green vegetables and leafy greens carry a hefty load of antioxidants that improve your ability to flush toxins from your body, neutralize free radical particles that are both a product of natural detoxification processes and a result of living in a modern, industrialized society. Further, dark, leafy greens like spinach contain a nutrient known as folate or folic acid. This, along with calcium, which is also contained in these vegetables, is essential to building strong, healthy bones and mitigating damage that occurs in muscle tissue during strenuous exertion. Greens also contain quantities of insoluble fibre, which is good for digestion, glucose regulation, and increasing natural metabolic rates.

3. Green Tea


Green tea has been shown to support healthy blood vessels, lower blood serum cholesterol, improve blood flow, and increase metabolism, all while proffering a powerful distressing effect. The active phytochemical in all products of Camelia sinensis or the tea bush contain varying levels of a substance called catechins, specifically epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). While many fat burner supplements contain extractives of green tea for this powerful phytonutrient, green tea’s power isn’t about melting away fat. It acts specifically to improve the integrity and functionality of your body’s primary systems.


By strengthening vessel walls and improving blood flow, as well as supporting the cleansing action of the kidneys and liver, your vital systems get better quality blood, more quickly, in greater amounts. It enhances your ability to function well and use the energy you consume effectively, as opposed to storing it as fat. That’s the real secret to weight loss—good health.

4. Fermented Dairy Products

While run-of-the-mill dairy can be great for you, providing nutrients and metabolic support, fermented dairy—like yoghurt and kefir and other products from that area of the world—provides a different benefit. While providing all the benefits of unfermented dairy products such as cheese and milk, it also contains a host of beneficial bacteria. These contribute to the health and high function of positive gut flora, kill bad gut flora that make you sick, and improve your ability to absorb nutrients, use energy, and flush negative matter from your body.


There are many foods that will increase your ability to burn fat, use energy, and live a healthier life. A good rule of thumb is that you should eat from the rainbow, with the bulk of your daily intake comprised of nutrient dense foods, rather than energy dense choices—vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts or healthy fats, lean protein and whole grains. An orange is nutrient dense, but has fewer calories than a pastry, which is energy dense. Your body is a complex arrangement of interactive systems, and when you care for the systems, they care for you. In order to burn fat, maintain a healthy body mass, and feel better, eat well.

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4 Homemade Spa Treatments Your Skin Care Regimen Has Been Missing.

For generations, women around the world have incorporated homemade beauty products into their daily skin care regimens. In most instances, fabulous spa treatments can be crafted with items you already have in your cupboards. In addition to economical convenience, making your own products also gives you creative control over the ingredients you use for your body care. This four-part beauty regimen uses homemade products to give women of all skin types a healthy glow.




1) Chamomile Facial Cleanser Recipe

You will need:

  • 50ml liquid castile soap
  • 50ml chamomile tea
  • 75ml coconut or jojoba oil
  • 8 drops of your favorite essential oil
  • a few drops of vitamin e oil

Brew a cup of chamomile tea; reserve and cool 50ml. Mix the remaining ingredients in a small bowl. Mix in the chilled tea and pour the completed cleanser into a travel sized squirt bottle. Squirt facial cleanser into hands or washcloth and gently wash face. Rinse well. Follow up with Green Tea Toner. Discard this gentle face soap after one week.


2) Green Tea Toner

You will need:

  • 1 green tea bag
  • 225ml of water for brewing

Brew one cup of green tea; reserve and cool 50ml. Apply the cooled tea to the skin with a cotton ball and allow to air dry. Follow up with a few drops of coconut or jojoba oil for moisture. Discard after one week.



3) Good Vibes Sugar Scrub

You will need:

  • 225g coconut sugar
  • 50ml virgin coconut oil
  • 50ml jojoba oil
  • 50ml raw honey
  • 10-15 drops of your favorite citrus essential oil




Thoroughly combine all the ingredients in a medium-sized bowl, then store the mixture in an airtight container. Use a gentle, scrubbing motion to apply a moderate amount of the scrub to the face, lips and body until the sugar dissolves. Rinse well with warm water, and pat dry. This scrub is gentle enough for daily use and leaves most skin types silky and smooth all day. Discard after two weeks.



For dry skin, a heavier more emollient cream is in order. This simple body butter will leave skin soft and supple from one morning to the next.


4) Luxurious Body Butter

You will need:

  • 225g unrefined cocoa butter, broken into small pieces
  • 325g unrefined shea butter
  • 225g virgin coconut oil
  • A few drops of jojoba oil
  • A few drops of vitamin e oil



Melt the cocoa butter in a double boiler over low heat, stirring continuously until almost completely dissolved. Stir in the shea butter until it too has also almost melted. Turn the heat beneath the double boiler off then stir in the remaining oils. When the mixture is completely liquefied, carefully pour it into a heat safe, airtight container, cover, and refrigerate for two hours or until viscous. Blend the mixture with a hand mixer until it forms merengue-like peaks. (The more you whip it, the more fluffy and decadent it will become) Once you’ve achieved your desired texture, transfer your body butter into an airtight container, and store in a cool, dry place. Discard after three months.




Homemade face and body care treatments are inexpensive, invigorating and tons of fun to make. Additionally, the pride that comes with treating yourself to high-quality handmade is immeasurable. Give these lovely concoctions a try the next time you’re in the mood for pampering.

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10 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Youthful and Wrinkle-Free

Whether you’re in your mid-thirties and are noticing your first wrinkles creeping up or you’re nearing 60 and want to maintain radiant skin, reducing wrinkles is probably at the forefront of your mind. From holistic remedies to cutting edge treatments, there are a host of ways to slow down the signs of aging.

1. Maintaining skin elasticity is the key to combating wrinkles. Get plenty of sleep – when you’re sleep deprived, your body produces cortisol, which breaks down your skin cells. By getting rest, you’ll also produce more human growth hormone, which will help your skin stay elastic.

2. Look for products with anti-wrinkle ingredients, like African Anogeissus, Bulgarian Haberlea rhodopensis floral extract, and sandthorn berry.

3. If you have dry skin, you may be noticing your wrinkles more than usual. Washing with oil can help your skin to retain water, plump up, and erase those wrinkles. Take 10 ml of olive oil, add two drops of carrot seed oil (for elasticity), frankincense oil (for skin tone), or lavender oil (for redness), then massage the mixture into your skin for 30 seconds and rinse with water.

4. Ultherapy treatment is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts the neck, eyebrow, and under-chin areas to make you look younger and smooth out wrinkles. With ultherapy treatment, there isn’t any surgery or downtime, and the process uses ultrasound technology to lift and tighten.

How Does Ultherapy Works


5. Stay out of the sun! Or, when you have to be under its rays, cover up with a big hat and wear sunblock. Sun exposure is the leading cause of wrinkles, even more so than genetics. Plus, as we all know, wrinkles aren’t the only thing that sun exposure can lead too – it can also cause cancer.

6. A lot of people turn to acupressure for skin issues, but you can give yourself a DIY acupressure treatment, too. With your index finger and middle finger, massage the area in between your eyebrows for 20 seconds. Then, apply light pressure to your temples and massage for ten seconds. Move to your jawbone joint, which is located right in front of your ears, and massage for ten seconds. Lastly, for ten seconds, put a bit of pressure on the muscle that sticks out when you clench your teeth.

7. Smoking isn’t just bad for your body on the inside, it’s also bad for your appearance. Cigarette smoke releases an enzyme that breaks down your skin’s elastin and collagen, which can cause wrinkles. Plus, people who smoke tend to have thinner skin, which can also lead to visible wrinkles.

8. If possible, sleep on your back. Certain sleeping positions can cause sleep lines, which are wrinkles that end up being etched into your skin, meaning they won’t go away even when you’re awake. Sleeping on your back helps you avoid these wrinkles.


Wrinkle Pillow


9. A few simple diet tweaks can do wonders for your skin. Add more fish to your diet, specifically salmon and other types of cold-water fish. Essential fatty acids will nourish your skin, keeping it plump and wrinkle-free. Try to eat more soy, too, which can help heal some of the damage the sun has done to your skin. Fruits and veggies have antioxidants that help the damage that’s been caused by free radicals, making your skin appear more radiant and younger.

10. Don’t wash your face too often – twice a day is enough. Otherwise, you’ll strip away the oils that keep your skin moist and that ward off wrinkles. Also, make sure that you use a facial cleanser, not just a basic soap.

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Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss is a goal of almost anyone who is moderately overweight, extremely overweight or obese, but it is a difficult one to obtain. Weight loss pills that are available today may help you reach your desired goal. Understanding the approach that each one takes to help you control your weight may help you choose the one that is the most effective for you. Some of the popular options that are on the market today include zenoctil, liposinol and duromine pills.



Choosing Zenoctil

A patented compound of extracts from Garcinia cambogia fruits and from green tea, green coffee and banaba leaves produces a safe and natural way to lose weight. The extracts help your body burn fat that it has stored and prevents it from storing excess fat that increases your weight. The extracts have health benefits that help reduce stress that may occur when you are dieting, and they help you maintain a healthy level of blood sugar.

Dried fruit from the Garcinia cambogia plant is the source of extracts that act as thermogenic agents or fat burners. Preventing the storage of excess carbohydrates is the primary function of the plant’s extracts that work in combination with other ingredients to produce a drug free aid for your weight loss program. Green tea extract contains caffeine that promotes thermogenesis or fat oxidation. It helps you avoid fatigue while enhancing your alertness as well as your relaxation.

Extract from green coffee helps your body maintain a healthy level of insulin and a normal metabolism of glucose that tend to control your cravings and your appetite. Dried leaves of the banaba plant produce an extract that boosts your body’s ability to resist food cravings.





Using Liposinol

A combination of soluble and non-soluble fibres provides a way to bind more than 25 percent of the dietary fats that you consume. The patented complex contains ingredients found in dehydrated cactus leaves, a healthy source that allows you to safely eliminate it. Avoiding side effects such as uncontrollable bowel movements or excessive flatulence are benefits that you can expect. Containing essential vitamins that are fat soluble, the complex helps your body absorb A, D and E.

Clinical studies show that a feeling of satiety results in preventing food cravings and reducing the likelihood of overeating. It is not a drug, but it has received scientific validation as a medical device that helps prevent and treat obesity. Choosing it as a partner in your weight management program can help you lose weight and maintain the loss. Ridding your body of excess fat is a healthful step toward improving your overall health.





Relying on Duromine Pills

Available only with a doctor’s prescription, the pills are an option that you may choose to consider if you are morbidly obese. Your doctor can explain the side effects of taking them so that you can evaluate your next steps. The product contains gelatine but no preservatives or gluten. Your doctor may provide a few free samples if you request them and if you meet requirements for using the drug.





Choosing Carefully

Weight loss pills offer you a way to lose weight and control your appetite. With careful consideration of the ingredients and with the advice of your doctor – we recommend Certified Weight Loss Pills (Zenoctil, Liposinol, Duromine) by Premier Clinic , you may find one that helps you meet your weight loss goal.

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