Possible Side Effects of Lasik

Lasik surgery is very popular and it’s for those who are nearsighted or farsighted or have astigmatism. This surgery can and will correct your vision and it’s such an easy painless surgery to have. However, there are some people that do and will have side effects from this surgery. There are some patients that had this surgery and are now suffering with starbursts and they see halos, some have glare double vision and some have night blindness while others suffer from dry eyes which are a few of the lasik side effects that are felt.

When patients started to complain about some of those side effects they were told that it would go away within weeks or months after the lasik surgery. There are many cases where the effects were permanent and never did go away. Some patients had these lasik side effects but only a mild case of it while others suffered with it and couldn’t perform basic functions such as driving. Constant rubbing of your eyes after the surgery is a suggestion that the eye is trying to heal itself. There are cases where some patients became sensitive to the light which is yet another side effect.

If you are considering getting this surgery you should know that you might suffer from these side effects. These lasik side effects could stay with you for months and then you’d find yourself back at the doctor to see if he could do something to help you out. Please do understand that you too can be complaining about these symptoms after the surgery and it can affect your everyday life.

The newer surgery is called Epi Lasik. With this surgery, they cut the flap of your cornea with a sharp razor and if they cut it too thick you will again have problems with your eyes. You will feel some discomfort having Epi Lasik while the procedure is being performed. Some will tell you that lasik surgery is better for you than Epi Lasik if you are in a profession where you might be in danger of having your eye hit.
you are still planning to get the surgery, the lasik eye surgery cost is going to be about $2,200 per eye to have it done. You have to go with someone to the lasik surgery clinic to have them drive you home as you won’t be able to drive home afterward. Some insurance companies will cover your lasik eye surgery cost but you will find that others won’t cover it so be sure that your lasik eye surgery cost is going to be covered.

Nevertheless, getting Lasik in Singapore, especially within your reach, is no longer a challenge anymore. Moreover, experienced eye doctor will tell you all the necessary precaution steps or details to take care before a surgery is performed. By practising these, you are able to reduce, or even mitigate the risks you are more likely to be exposed to.

Matthew Ng explores the subject of new technological advances in vision health like Lasik surgery and Epi Lasik. He also writes on Lasik eye surgery cost and side effects.

Do you know Why Not Everyone Can Have Lasik Surgery? Continue reading at this eye health info site.

PreOp® Patient Education: Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

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Undercorrection and Overcorrection: Side Effects of LASIK

Undercorrection or overcorrection may be one of the common lasik side effects. Usually both the undercorrection and overcorrection problem is temporary but sometimes can be permanent. Between these two problems, undercorrection is more common. A slight undercorrection may not create any problem; rather it is desirable to fix the nearsightedness problem in patients over forty.

When the problem is acute, enhancement procedure is needed. Initial overcorrection may occur depending on the type of treatment and this overcorrection usually fix automatically within a month. When you go for a farsighted treatment, an overcorrection will make you temporarily nearsighted. Surgeons are continuously trying to reduce the problems of overcorrection and undercorrection by using consistent technique, meticulous instrument and laser calibration. They also analyze the outcomes. Temporary undercorrection and overcorrection are tolerable for more patients. However, glasses or temporary contact lenses are sometimes prescribed for the comfort of the patients. Sometimes, eye drops are prescribed to get rapid rid from this problem.

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What is Sparkling Water Used For?


Many people who have either not heard of sparkling water or simply don’t drink it much are always asking me what sparkling water is used for. Obviously it goes without saying usually that sparkling water can be consumed by itself and it tastes delicious, but some people may not know that there are also many other uses for sparkling water that are not as common as drinking it by itself.

One of the most popular things to do with sparkling water is to mix it with fruit juice. And if you like sparkling water by itself, you are sure to love it mixed with your favorite fruit juice! It tastes so good it will tempt you to keep drinking it all day! However, there are also more different ways to drink sparkling water than just plain and mixed with fruit juice. How about mixing it with soda? This is another creative option that is done all the time by many people!

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About Lasik Compatibility Test

Lasik surgery is the most known procedure when it comes to correcting your vision. There are other ways that you can do to correct your vision, but Lasik surgery is what most people rely on. The Lasik compatibility test helps you identify the best type of surgery for you. This is all necessary to make your surgery a success and to avoid fewer problems that may occur.

Lasik surgery is commonly used everywhere when it comes to refractive surgery procedure. Some call it Lasix, but the proper name for it is Lasik. It is short for some scientific terms to describe the procedure that will be done.

The reason why this procedure is more popular than other procedures is because of many reasons. One of those reasons is that it is painless and you will see result right away. It is pretty much an easy fix to poor vision. You would actually see result by the next day. Both nearsighted and farsighted people can benefit from this procedure. This procedure can also correct astigmatism as well. They have different ways of doing the procedures when it comes to farsighted, nearsighted and astigmatism. It is all explained in their site. If you want to learn more about the procedures they do, then you should check them out online. It explains everything that you need to know.
There are a few complaints when it comes to Lasik side effects. Some wished they never did the procedure in the first place because of what he or she has been through right after the surgery. They wished they learned more about the consequences and risks before going through the Lasik. Once you have vision loss due to the surgery, it cannot be reversed. The problems is that Lasik surgeons tend to leave out the risks of the procedure because they emphasis on the benefits of having one.

Lasik surgery clinic can be available anywhere or you may visit this site http://lasiksurgery.sg/. You can get an affordable surgery in Singapore if you are worried about the cost. They also have a clinic in London as well. It is becoming available everywhere in the world. When it comes to Lasik eye surgery cost, it ranges from $1999 to $2688. It all depends on what clinic you go to and what condition you are in.

Epilasik is a procedure that reduces the person from wearing glasses or contact lenses. It is a way to alleviate the patient from being too dependent on glasses or contact lenses. It can be drag when it comes to relying on those things for better vision. Lasik surgery makes your world a clearer place, browse this eye care site for more details.

Watch the entire process of  sophisticated lasik surgery

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Useful Medications After LASIK Surgery

The patients have to use some medications after a lasik surgery. Here you’ll get an idea about the essential medicines and their use. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotic eye drops like Tobradex which needs to be used on every hour on day of surgery. Refreshing and lubricating eye-drop is next to antibiotic eye-drop. For the first month, it is recommended to use this refreshing plus lubricating drop on every hour. If needed, it can be used in future. To care the eyelids, Lidcare Eye Wipes are given. For the first 3 days, you should use it in the morning just after wake up and at night before going to bed. Use a separate wipe for each eye. The doctors also prescribe sleeping pills after the surgery. When you are at home after surgery, you need to have one tablet which will last for 4 to 6 hours. It’ll remove the discomfort and tearing after some sleep. You need to wear protective eye shields and micro-pore tape while you sleep for the first 3 days after the surgery.

Tobradex is a antibiotic eye drops which need to be used on every hour on day of surgery.


Patient need to wear the protective eye shield while sleeping for the first 3 days after the surgery.


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Information on Eye Diseases – Cataract

A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye. Anybody can have cataracts, and it appears in more than half of the people who are 65 years or older. When people are age 40 and over cataracts is the most common cause of eye vision loss. There are different types of ailments that can effect the eye such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. Out of these different ailments there are more cause cataracts reported than the other three combined.

When a cataract first starts it is small. There is no need to consider cataract treatment. The vision may appear to be a little foggy or blurred a little bit. Sort of like, looking out of s cloudy window or a fuzzy painting. Sometimes it is not noticeable, because people sometimes get use to their vision and it does not feel as uncomfortable.

Other times it can effect the vision so bad that cataract surgery, or an cataract operation could be needed. People usually are not concerned about the cataract surgery cost, because it is difficult to put a price on eyesight. If people really can’t see, they will find a way to get the cataract treatment that they so desire.

Our lens inside our eyes, work pretty similar to the lens of a camera, by concentrating light onto the retina. It adjusts the focus of the eye. This causes us to see elements more clearly from far away, and up close. Out lens are mostly made out of protein and water. The protein is positioned in a strategic way, that allows the lens to stay clear, and let the light pass thought it.

As we get older, a lot of the protein will start to form together, and create a small cloud over the lens. Nobody knows for sure why the eye lenses change overtime, but we need to be aware of it. Learning More About Cataract Treatments in this eye care journal.

This is a video of Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract surgery using the Alcon LenSx system for the laser portion and the Alcon Infinity for the cataract removal and an Alcon Flexible acryllic lens implant to replace the cataract.

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Sodium in Isotonic Drinks

Isotonic drinks are beverages specially produced to hydrate athletes and at the same time balance their need for electrolytes. Electrolytes, as we all know, are electric conductors essential for the normal functioning our body systems. Too much or too little of it can be fatal or can even cause death. People engaging in active sports lose much of these electrolytes brought about by sweating and hot weather that needs to be replenished right away to prevent fatal complications.

Water alone cannot sustain the overall need of the body for essential electrolytes, that’s why health drinks are formulated to contain sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, calcium and many more minerals to keep the body going. Research says that increased water intake may cause hyponatremia or a condition with low concentration of sodium in the circulating blood. This leads to seizures, confusion or worst, death. Usually, if one drinks too much water, the fluid is replaced but not the sodium requirement. That’s one reason some athletes collapse during a competition or practice.

The next time you choose to drink a particular energy drink, make sure it contains essential electrolytes our body needs. It is not just the amount of water you drink, but what beverage you opt to drink.

Watch the description of Blood Pressure and Isotonic Fluid

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Benzoyl Peroxide: The Strongest Over-the-Counter Acne Treatment

Almost everyone experiences acne at some point during their teenage years, but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing when it happens to you. Luckily, most people with acne do not need to go to the doctor for harsh and expensive treatments. There are a variety of over-the-counter acne medications that are inexpensive, effective, and easy to find at most local drug stores and pharmacies.

Some of the most common over-the-counter acne products contain a medication called Benzoyl Peroxide. These products come in spot-treatment creams, face washes, gels, and even sprays for body acne. Over-the-counter Benzoyl Peroxide products usually come in concentrations of 2.5% and 5%; however, there are several maximum strength products, such as creams and face washes, which contain 10 % Benzoyl Peroxide. This is the maximum concentration you can get without a prescription.

Benzoyl Peroxide is an organic compound which is made up of two Benzoyl groups connected by a peroxide link. It works by peeling away dead skin cells, which clears pores of clogging residue and increases cell turnover, meaning that new, healthy skin cells grow more rapidly. Because it causes new cells to develop more quickly, it also works to reduce the amount of bacteria present on the skin.

Though many people find Benzoyl Peroxide extremely effective at treating their acne, there are some downsides. Because it is a peeling agent, products that contain this medication can be very irritating on the skin and therefore, are not good products for those with sensitive skin. Usually, after about one week, the skin becomes used to the medication and the irritation decreases. Benzoyl Peroxide is also a common ingredient in hair and clothes dyes. Because of this, acne products that contain it are known to bleach out towels, sheets, and clothing. If you use products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide, it is best to use white towels to wash your face, white sheets on your bed, and wait until your face is completely dry before putting on your clothing. If you need personalized skin care advice from dermatologist, you may contact Dr.Chee Yew Wen for a better skin rejuvenation.

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Why Choosing the Right Lasik Surgery Clinic is Important

Lasik and Epilasik eye surgeries are currently popular treatments for unrelenting and severe eye cases and there are already a large number of clinics that offer these. Lasik surgery is currently utilized for correcting many eye disorders and it is now a commonly used eye laser surgery all over the globe. Through the years, this eye treatment option has sustained to enhance its effectiveness and success rate, and as of the moment, majority of clients benefited from this option. Epi lasik surgery on the other hand, is not applicable and appropriate for everyone, although it gives the same efficacy rate as Lasik surgery.

Why is choosing the right lasik surgery clinic important? The eyes are very sensitive organs and best possible care should be provided to them. The care of your eyes should be placed in the hands of appropriate and trusted medical personnel. Lasik eye surgery cost is expensive and you can’t just waste your money for a low quality service. For patients who would want to undergo Lasik or Epilasik eye surgery, they must select carefully an excellent clinic; and in choosing the right lasik surgery clinic, one must put these things into consideration.

1. A highly regarded clinic is one that possesses state of the art and refined technology and facilities for carrying out procedures. In cases when certain clinics have impracticable scientific claims, do a research about those claims and look them up on trusted websites that can provide you with reliable information about the extent of effectiveness and limitations of eye surgery.

2. A very vital aspect is the surgeon who will perform the surgery. The clinic that you should select must be known for its fully certified, licensed and highly experienced staffs who can properly and completely explicate the possible Lasik side effects post-operatively. The doctor who will carry out the procedure must be skilful, knowledgeable with the materials and equipments used in the procedure, highly experienced in performing the treatment option and has the ability to communicate to you and put in plain words the treatment course for you to be able to comprehend. You may find this over the top, but it is essential that you have a background check on the surgeon and ask them about their skill in corneal surgery.

For a lot of individuals, Lasik surgery poses very small potential harm and is considered safe. But then, all medical procedures most especially those insidious procedures like surgery are often associated with some minor complications post-operatively. After the surgery, you may experience photosensitivity or sensitivity to light as a side effect that is why you may be required to take with you sunglasses to protect your eyes on your way home. You should also make sure that the clinic that you will choose can provide aftercare guidelines for your eyes and give you the right eye drops that you will apply on recommended number of days post-operatively to pace the therapeutic course. It is normal to have minor discomfort especially with Epilasik surgery, but in the event that it gets worst, this is the time you should visit your eye doctor for the management plan.

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Successful Cataract Treatment Restores Good Vision

One of the most common eye health problems, cataracts, occurs in individuals over the age of 40. When the lens of the eye begins to lose its clarity and clouds over, a cataract forms which obscures normal clear vision. Advancements in cataract treatment offer hope to anyone whose good vision has been compromised by the deteroriation of the eye’s natural lens. The best thing to do for anyone who suspects they may have cataracts is to make an appointment with an eye specialist who can make the proper medical evaluation and then offer information about the types of cataract surgery available that can help restore good vision once again.

Aging is one of the main causes of cataracts, although other factors such as diabetes, exposure to ultraviolet light and exposure to pollution can increase an individual’s risk of having this eye problem. If it’s determined that the patient does in fact have cataracts on one or both eyes, the options of getting a cataract operation to correct the condition can be examined along with cataract surgery cost which is often covered by an individuals’ medical insurance program.

Initial cataract treatment may involve prescription eyeglasses or changes in lighting to accommodate vision. But for more serious cases, cataract surgery should be scheduled which is usually conducted on an out-patient basis. This procedure involves the eye surgeon numbing the area to be worked on and using laser cataract surgery techniques to break apart the clouded natural lens which is causing the problem and then replacing it with a lens implant known as an intraocular lens (IOL).

More than 90 percent of patients experiencing cataracts who undergo this type of surgery have their vision restored to 20/40 vision or better. This type of surgery is one of the most frequently preformed and also among the safest, provided that the patient observes all of his surgeon’s post-operation recommendations. No one has to suffer blurred or decreased vision due to cataracts since the latest advancements in cataract treatment have such a high rate of success.

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