Possible Side Effects of Lasik

Lasik surgery is very popular and it’s for those who are nearsighted or farsighted or have astigmatism. This surgery can and will correct your vision and it’s such an easy painless surgery to have. However, there are some people that do and will have side effects from this surgery. There are some patients that had this surgery and are now suffering with starbursts and they see halos, some have glare double vision and some have night blindness while others suffer from dry eyes which are a few of the lasik side effects that are felt.

When patients started to complain about some of those side effects they were told that it would go away within weeks or months after the lasik surgery. There are many cases where the effects were permanent and never did go away. Some patients had these lasik side effects but only a mild case of it while others suffered with it and couldn’t perform basic functions such as driving. Constant rubbing of your eyes after the surgery is a suggestion that the eye is trying to heal itself. There are cases where some patients became sensitive to the light which is yet another side effect.

If you are considering getting this surgery you should know that you might suffer from these side effects. These lasik side effects could stay with you for months and then you’d find yourself back at the doctor to see if he could do something to help you out. Please do understand that you too can be complaining about these symptoms after the surgery and it can affect your everyday life.

The newer surgery is called Epi Lasik. With this surgery, they cut the flap of your cornea with a sharp razor and if they cut it too thick you will again have problems with your eyes. You will feel some discomfort having Epi Lasik while the procedure is being performed. Some will tell you that lasik surgery is better for you than Epi Lasik if you are in a profession where you might be in danger of having your eye hit.
you are still planning to get the surgery, the lasik eye surgery cost is going to be about $2,200 per eye to have it done. You have to go with someone to the lasik surgery clinic to have them drive you home as you won’t be able to drive home afterward. Some insurance companies will cover your lasik eye surgery cost but you will find that others won’t cover it so be sure that your lasik eye surgery cost is going to be covered.

Nevertheless, getting Lasik in Singapore, especially within your reach, is no longer a challenge anymore. Moreover, experienced eye doctor will tell you all the necessary precaution steps or details to take care before a surgery is performed. By practising these, you are able to reduce, or even mitigate the risks you are more likely to be exposed to.

Matthew Ng explores the subject of new technological advances in vision health like Lasik surgery and Epi Lasik. He also writes on Lasik eye surgery cost and side effects.

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