Preventative Measures to Ensure Good Eye Health

When it comes to good health, there are certain precautions people should take to protect their eyes. Harmful situations can arise in the workplace as well as in areas of personal activities.

Taking Precautions in the Workplace

Many people today work with computers which have bright screens. When eyes are focused on this bright display for several hours at a time it can result in visual impairment. In addition to experiencing sore eyes, people can also end up with myopia or nearsightedness. The way to counter the effects of a computer screen is to reduce the brightness level on the display. If this is not an option, tinted glasses can also be worn to reduce the amount of visible light.

Working in conditions where there is bright light directed on the eyes can also create eye strain. This could manifest as a red eye, which could also indicate the rupture of a blood vessel. In most cases, a ruptured blood vessel will not be painful and will clear up on its own within a few days, so it is not necessary to visit an eye doctor.

Another good practice for use in the workplace is to take the focus off the computer screen or away from the papers and look at something off in the distance. Ideally, this should be something viewed through a window, but any far object will work. This helps strengthen the eye muscles so they are less likely to be strained.

Precautions with Leisure Activities

Most people are now aware of the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, so they wear protective sunglasses with UV protection. While this is a useful precaution, many people forget to protect their eyes when engaged in outdoor activities. People who swim, ski or participate in sports should also wear protective glasses. There are a number of glasses made with lenses that have UV protection and are impact resistant.

Swim goggles can protect eyes from the harsh chlorine found in public pools or the bacteria found in natural lakes. Swim goggles are available in sizes to fit children and adults so they can protect their eyes from possible damage.

Impact resistant lenses are available in sporty styles for use by people who play baseball, ride motorcycles or ski. It is important to protect eyes when engaged in fast paced activities to avoid a possible retinal tear due to flying debris.

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