Protective Measures to Avoid Hand and Wrist Pain

The wrists and hands are made up of muscles and tendons. When these are injured, the result can be a lot of pain. An accident that leads to sudden trauma to these areas results in acute pain while that which develops over time sue to typing is called chronic pain. There are many reasons that cause hand pain as well as wrist pain.

Stressed? Wrist Pain and Hand Pain From Mouse Use

The symptoms for these two conditions are similar and can include a dull pain , swelling around the area, inability to bend fingers and numbness or a tingling sensation. Some of the most common injuries to the hands and wrists include a jammed finger which occurs when the finger gets hit while in a straight position. One way to treat this is through tying it to another finger which will help it to regain its original form.

Another common injury to the finger is if it gets a finger dislocation which occurs when a lot of pressure is placed on a finger’s joint leading it to be out of position. A broken wrist is a common phenomenon and happens when one falls on their hand. A bone doctor can align the bones to make sure that the healing process occurs the right way. Another condition called carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when pressure is placed on a nerve. Some of the symptoms include tingling and pain when one moves their fingers. Tendon pain can occur due to the condition known as tendinosis which is when small tears are present in the tissues of the tendon.

When one has this, movement becomes difficult and one becomes lethargic. An orthopaedic can treat these conditions especially because they deal with the musculoskeletal part of the body. They can mostly be found at a sports clinic because those who are likely to suffer from these conditions are athletes. The pain associated with these two regions can be hard to deal with especially if one has to make up an appointment to see a bone doctor. While awaiting to see one, the pain can be relieved temporarily using over the counter medicines.

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