Sodium in Isotonic Drinks

Isotonic drinks are beverages specially produced to hydrate athletes and at the same time balance their need for electrolytes. Electrolytes, as we all know, are electric conductors essential for the normal functioning our body systems. Too much or too little of it can be fatal or can even cause death. People engaging in active sports lose much of these electrolytes brought about by sweating and hot weather that needs to be replenished right away to prevent fatal complications.

Water alone cannot sustain the overall need of the body for essential electrolytes, that’s why health drinks are formulated to contain sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, calcium and many more minerals to keep the body going. Research says that increased water intake may cause hyponatremia or a condition with low concentration of sodium in the circulating blood. This leads to seizures, confusion or worst, death. Usually, if one drinks too much water, the fluid is replaced but not the sodium requirement. That’s one reason some athletes collapse during a competition or practice.

The next time you choose to drink a particular energy drink, make sure it contains essential electrolytes our body needs. It is not just the amount of water you drink, but what beverage you opt to drink.

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