Tattoo Removals Gone Wrong: Prevention Tips From an Aesthetic Doctor


It is estimated that nearly 25 percent of population in the developing countries have some sort of tattoo. Interestingly, recent surveys also acknowledge that half of those with a tattoo want to remove it using laser treatment. In the recent past, several horror stories of laser tattoo removal continued to circulate in the media. These were times when the technology was either ill-equipped to handle the task or there weren’t enough skilled professionals available.

New Trends in Tattoo Removal

Fortunately, advanced technologies for laser tattoo removals can easily clear the color pigments on the body without any side-effects. For instance, new laser technology can easily remove any tattoo by breaking the color pigments. For black tattoo, the process is even easier as black color can absorb any wavelength. As each tattoo is different, there is more than one technique that can be applied to tattoo removal. Actually, advanced methods of tattoo removal are developed to such an extent where they can also help remove tattoos that were previously missed by other treatments.

Tattoo Removal Sessions

Perhaps, the most important aspect of laser tattoo removals is finding a reputable skin specialist who has experience in the field. Unlike other medical visits, tattoo removal requires multiple visits to the medical expert, who undertakes careful evaluation of the removal process during each visit. Usually, it is not uncommon for patients to undergo ten sessions. However, some tattoos can be removed easily in two to four sessions. Irrespective of the number of visit to the healthcare facility, it is advisable that patients should not evaluate the expert based on the number of visits. Fewer visits to the facility don’t mean that the expert is better qualified for the job because it is customary for experts to allow healing time during each visit. In fact, a skin specialist promising to remove tattoo in one shot may be playing with the health of his patients. Patients should also understand that number of visits to the skin specialist also depends on the color of the skin and on the depth of pigments.

How Does it Feel?

Advanced methods such as laser treatments require minimal preparation. On the day of tattoo removal, patients are given an eye shield to protect any damage from the laser. In addition, the specialist will check skin reaction to razor ensuring that adequate frequency is applied to the skin. Usually, a hand piece is placed against the surface of the skin. Most patients are able to tolerate the pain as it is commonly described as regular snapping of a rubber band against the skin. If the patient insists, doctors can also use anesthetic and painkiller to help ease the process. In fact, many skin specialists use some form of anesthesia to help make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Where to Seek Help?

There are many aesthetic doctors in KL, Kuala Lumpur, who can help in tattoo removal. The renowned specialist Dr Chen Tai Ho who also writes regularly on this topic in The Star newspaper. Certified by American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and Malaysia Ministry of Health, he has a popular blog on tattoo removal where he provides free advice to the general public.