The Costs And Effects Of Lasik Surgery

A Brief Introduction To Lasik Surgery
LASIK eye surgery is a common refractive surgery used to improve poor vision. The most common eye problems that can be treated with laser surgery include hyperopia, astigmatism and myopia. Lasik surgery is often used so that the patient may no longer require glasses or contact lenses to see. An ophthalmologist is a specialized eye doctor that performs laser eye surgeries. Lasers will be used to alter the structure of the cornea. The cornea is a layer of tissue that covers the surface of the eyeball. This tissue is transparent and fragile. It is often the cause of many eye conditions. This is why modern medical procedures have been evolving and discovering new ways to treat the cornea. Lasik surgery is often the best way to enhance vision among patients suffering from the above mentioned eye conditions.



The Side Effects
Lasik eye surgery may be the best choice when dealing with a major eye condition, but the surgery does not occur without a few risks. Some Lasik side effects include a permanent glare and trouble seeing in the dark. Most healthy eyes are able to adjust to the dark to some degree. One potential Lasik side effect will cause the eyes to remain adjusted to bright light so that darkness becomes blinding. Other side effects include a fluctuation of clear and foggy vision. This is an odd side effect that can be extremely frustrating to live with. Some of the minor side effects include dry eyes and halos. Seeing halos around certain images is not the same as the glare effect. These halos are much less intrusive on your vision. It is important to consider all of these side effects before deciding to treat your condition with laser surgery.


Lasik Eye Surgery Costs
You should get a full understanding of how much a Lasik procedure will cost before visiting an eye clinic in Singapore. The average cost in the United States is over four thousand dollars. This is if both eyes require surgery. One eye would costs just over two thousand dollars. These costs can increase or decrease depending on which technologies are used. Medications are often prescribed after the surgery. This can increase the costs greatly. Laser surgery is not always the best solution for an eye condition. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about laser surgery. Consider the financial and medical repercussions before making a decision.


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