The Importance of Bone Health

Being conscious of your bone health is really important for people of all ages especially in the older generation. In today’s society people do not eat right or maintain lifestyles that promote good bone care. The average American does not get the appropriate amount of calcium in their diet.

Calcium is a substance that the body uses for many of its natural process, when a person does not take enough calcium in the body will start to take the calcium from bones which in return weakens the bones and makes them more likely to break. Adding extra calcium in your diet by drinking milk or eating cheese can promote good bone health. In addition to eating and drinking the appropriate amount of calcium everyone should make it a priority to see a bone doctor. Bone doctors are called Orthopedic.


Orthopedics specialize in the diagnosis, maintenance, and treatment of the skeletal system. Seeing a bone specialist is especially important for to one’s health as they age. The body wears down cartilage and bone density lessens allowing for bones to break much easier than when you were younger. Osteoarthritis is a condition of the bones where bone mineral density is lost and the bones began to weaken. This is most common in women after menopause although it can occur in men or women at any age. Bone density loss can be reversed by seeing a bone specialist, getting on a medicine regiment, and increasing the body’s intake of vitamin D and calcium.

Bone issues such as knee joint pain is not just reserved for the aging population but is also avidly seen in teens who play sports. Teens that play sports are at an obvious risk for bone breakage due to the intensity of sports in general, although teens are at risk when playing sports, sports tend to help the overall health of the bone itself by making it stronger through exercise. A rise in bone issues has occurred in young women in the past several years. Osteopenia is a condition that is affecting young women causing stress fractures. This and any other bone issue can be detected by visiting a sports clinic or a bone specialist. Remember our bones are what allow us to walk and maintain posture keeping them healthy is important to our well-being.

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