Undercorrection and Overcorrection: Side Effects of LASIK

Undercorrection or overcorrection may be one of the common lasik side effects. Usually both the undercorrection and overcorrection problem is temporary but sometimes can be permanent. Between these two problems, undercorrection is more common. A slight undercorrection may not create any problem; rather it is desirable to fix the nearsightedness problem in patients over forty.

When the problem is acute, enhancement procedure is needed. Initial overcorrection may occur depending on the type of treatment and this overcorrection usually fix automatically within a month. When you go for a farsighted treatment, an overcorrection will make you temporarily nearsighted. Surgeons are continuously trying to reduce the problems of overcorrection and undercorrection by using consistent technique, meticulous instrument and laser calibration. They also analyze the outcomes. Temporary undercorrection and overcorrection are tolerable for more patients. However, glasses or temporary contact lenses are sometimes prescribed for the comfort of the patients. Sometimes, eye drops are prescribed to get rapid rid from this problem.