What to Do Before LASIK Surgery

If you are interested in lasik surgery, you need to find out the best LASIK surgeon. Before that you need to check your eyes by your eye doctor and the doctor will decide whether your eyes are healthy enough or not for the procedure.


The doctor will come to a decision what kind of vision correction is needed and how much laser ablation are required. The doctor will also determine any other problems of your eyes like dry eye problem. If you suffer from dry eye problem, the doctor will then treat your eyes before the LASIK operation. The surgeon or the LASIK team will map your cornea with the help of corneal topographer. At present, wavefront technology with custom LASIK is used to get a more precise map of aberrations affecting your vision. Finally, the doctor will try to find out any other health problem which may prohibit or delay the LASIK procedure. If you are fit enough for LASIK, you will be referred to a LASIK surgeon.